Video Shooting In a Challenging Conference Room – Part 3

Challenging Conference Room Video Shoot – How It Turned Out

The key to getting a decent backdrop on this video shoot was getting the client to write flow charts and diagrams about the subject matter on the whiteboard behind him. We made sure to shoot the video at an angle to the whiteboard and not get light on it, so we didn’t have the usual glare we would otherwise have. To make this work, we had to have the interviewer and client stand up, rather than the traditional sit-down interview, but they were willing to take one for the team.

Using our footage, the final interview was edited by the reporter and the final results of this video shoot can be seen on the USA Today site.

P.S. The info in the interview about malware was VERY scary.

P.P.S. The camera I shot with here for this video shoot blog post was just a little consumer point-and-shoot still camera that has video capabilities — NOT what we shoot with for clients. 🙂

Video Shooting In a Challenging Conference Room – Part 2

Challenging Conference Room Video Shooting – part 2

This is part 2 of a particular on location video shooting problem. Check out our first post about the video shooting issue we had to deal with.

To continue sharing about this video shooting issue, we were stuck with a conference room with no usable walls for backgrounds, so we came up with the idea of using a wall with whiteboards as the backdrop.  Here’s our work in progress. 

We decided to go with a 3 point lighting setup since there was only one subject on camera. In this video shooting setup, from right to left, we first see the key light up as a soft light.  It’s flagged so that we don’t get too much spill on the background, which would reflect big time.  The backlight is high above in the center, ready to provide a rim light for the hair and shoulders of the interview subject.  On the left Greg is setting up the side light.

The conversation you hear in the background is the reporter and client interviewee going over the topics to be discussed.

Video Shooting In a Challenging Conference Room – Part 1

Challenging Conference Room Video Shooting

In the world of video shooting, we never know who will be calling us. USA Today reached out to one of our Sunnyvale clients to interview one of their managers. USA Today was going to send the reporter with a flip cam to record the web video, but our client had a better idea — bring in Penrose Productions to shoot it.  So we arrived with a cart load of equipment at one of their conference rooms, and the room we were assigned was shall we say, functional, but pretty bland.  Take a look:

Video Production and the Missing Tripod

Our Latest Video Productions and the Case of the Missing Tripod

We’re doing a video production and shooting an interview later this week for a local client, but we needed cutaway shots from their Salt Lake City facility. But we had another shoot today and so had to make the SLC turn within one day. The shoot went well, right up until the time that we found out that the airline left our camera tripod in SLC. Airlines… can’t live with ’em; can’t live without ’em!

this video production tripod is missing

Where did this tripod go?



Web Video — Why You Need It, Conclusion

So Now That You Know That You MUST Get a Web Video on Your Company Website and Other Sites as Well, Who Should You Work With?

Penrose Productions has been in the exclusive business of video production for companies in Northern California since 1981.  We have earned numerous national awards, and have been hired by ocal companies to literally travel around the U.S. and the world to create video productions for them.
But not only do we have over 30 years of expertise to share, first on tape and now on web video.  We have a stellar reputation for being easy to work with, and have even received a perfect rating from an independent business quality auditing service.  In fact, when the service polled our past clients and asked “If you need the services of a video production company in the future, would you call or recommend Penrose Productions?” 100% of our clients surveyed said “YES!”

In addition, Penrose Productions does something that no other video production company does (that we know of, anyway!)  It’s our GUARANTEE.  Simply put, if you’re not happy with the work we do for you, you no NOT pay.  This applies even when the work is custom!  No fine print.  We’re just that confident that we can satisfy you. 

Partnering with Penrose Productions for your web marketing videos will allow you to communicate your important story and bring in business.  By having us create a custom video production for the web, small businesses have an economical way to drive traffic in the door.

Web video never had it so good!