Northern California Video Production Work: In-home Testimonial

Penrose Productions called on to shoot a testimonial in Northern California video production work

As Northern California video production pros, we’re called upon to travel throughout Northern California, Silicon Valley, the Bay Area (and even for worldwide video productions) to shoot for various clients. Recently we went to Sacramento to capture an interview with a lovely and articulate woman in her home.

As you can see, our video production setup included a DSLR HD video camera, lights from our Arri kit and a sound package including a Sennheiser microphone and Shure portable audio mixer. The lights included a key light, fill light, and back light, and the light had to be filtered by blue gels. By doing this we were able to match the color temperature of the abundant sunlight that was coming in through the windows.


The audio (below) was relatively easy as we only had one microphone input needed. The interviewer’s comments were not to be recorded for the video. We placed the microphone above the interviewee and just out of frame from the camera’s view.


While on location for this Northern California video production, we compiled a short video to let you take a look behind the scenes.

This video shows how we set up the camera, lights and audio and should you need Northern Califonria video production done in the future, here’s a glimpse of what to expect.