The First Goal of Your Marketing Email

Precisely What is the First Goal for Sending Out a Marketing Email to Your List?

marketing emailOur staff not too long ago asked a group of small business owners who use marketing email the following: “At the time you transmit an email to your list, exactly what is your primary goal?”

Some of the responses we obtained were …

– To get readers to open it

– To get viewers to GO THROUGH it

– To supply some valuable information

– To build connection

– To sell a product line

These are all pretty good answers …

But they’re also all BAD replies.

Of course you would like them to open the e mail, read the web mail, develop some connection, possibly present some helpful data, but not one of these are your primary goal.

So exactly what is?

To get the CLICK.

That’s it.

Everything else in your marketing email is just in support of that foremost intention, getting these people to click on the link you transmit to them. This forwards them down your sales funnel and helps bring in more business. Not every subscriber will be in need of what you are writing about, but to increase their chance to self-select as they travel into your funnel, you must initially secure the CLICK.

Ideally, you want to guide your list to click your links as if (please pardon the expression) mind-numbed robots.

You want them to click automatically – without any thinking – since it is what they consistently do when they open your web mails.

You do not need to sell the services or product. The sales page or video presentation you direct them to should do this for you.

You don’t want to explain to them each thing about the blog post you’re delivering them to. The post will do that for you.

Your purpose is simply to get the click.

How Can You Improve the Click-through Rate of Your Marketing Email?

People will like you and TRUST you if you give them great info that helps them. Clicking the link is just a natural extension of that.

You might give them a really useful tip on what drives super targeted traffic, but to learn how to do it, they must click the link. You haven’t actually sold that product or service in the email, but you have sold them on the method. The product or service is simply an easy shortcut to using that method to get the result.

Don’t always send them to sales letters; send them to fun stuff, too. Try sharing it with your list. Remember, you want to get them in the habit of automatically clicking your links.

Now and then surprise them with something free. For example, your email tells them a method to build their list using Facebook. You send them to a link that will give them 5 more list building methods. And when they click the link, they see a very short sales page offering the product for FREE. How much do you think they love you right then? And what are the odds they will click more of your links in the future, just in case there’s something else for free on the other side?

Of course, your list and your particular niche could necessitate slightly different approaches. But bottom line, your key, number one intent of email marketing is ALWAYS to obtain the click.

Because the more trained your list is to click, the more income you will generate in the long run.

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Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions 4/4/17

An interesting article on marketing strategy headlines this week’s Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions.

video camera

As always, we’ve gathered a collection of articles from various online sources about video marketing for the past week. This weekly collection gives you a great way to boost your awareness of video marketing and how it can be used to further your marketing strategy.

The lead article is titled “5 Things You Should Know About the New Age of Video Marketing.”

In this article, the author extensively quotes the co-founder and CEO of Charfen. He insists that in order to aid your marketing strategy, your videos must be:

1. Creative

2. Easy to consume

4. Achieves high conversion rates

5. Optimized for sharing

Under the second point, the author defines what he means by “easy to consume.: By that he means they must be short. He gives prime importance to the length of the video and good quality video content. He advises us that “For your video content, stick to the sweet-spot of two-to-three minutes.”

We heartily agree, that quantity and quality of your videos make them a key part of your marketing strategy.

Because your video is a reflection of your product. Good quality video content can win the customer mind.

Under point #1, he says that customers are bored by seeing the same type of advertisements repeatedly. You have to think an alternative to spice up your message with your videos.0

We would be delighted to help you to create a powerful video marketing strategy. We can help immensely by leading you into the process.

During our over 3 decades making business video productions, we have tons of expertise in helping companies develop the best way to inspire their target customer. We also are able to temper our video production experience with an MBA perspective with years of experience in industry.

As a result, this uniquely qualifies us to help develop videos that promote and compliment your marketing strategy.

In addition, there are several other excellent articles in this edition of the Video Marketing Weekly, so please be sure to look them over. There are many helpful hints and tips contained in there.

So for help with your video marketing strategy — and to identify your target audience for your  video marketing — call us at Penrose Productions: 650-969-8273