Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions 3/21/17

Sales funnels are the topic of the lead article on video marketing from this week’s the Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions.

sales funnelSales funnels and the videos that should used at each place in the those sales funnels are the focus of the lead article in this week’s Video Marketing Weekly. Sales funnels are crucial to online marketing, and companies need to be aware of how to best move their customers deeper into the funnel.

For a definition of sales funnels, please see an earlier blog post on our blog.

The lead article is titled “5 Types of Video Content Perfect for Each Stage of the Customer Journey.”

In the article, the author suggests that educational videos should be used and the top of the funnel, and explainer videos can best be used in the middle of the funnel. In addition, testimonial and demos should be used at the bottom of the funnel.

While in general we have no big argument with the suggested types of videos placed in the sales funnel, we would argue that the type of video used is more dependent on the type of audience.

For example, we do lots of work in the BtoB space and when a potential buyer enters that sales funnel in a field such as high tech, it is typically with a high degree of knowledge and understanding. As such, the buyer does not need the extensive education suggested by explainer videos in the article.

We would be delighted to help you pick the right approach to videos for your sales funnel – based in large part on the sophistication of your buyers.

Over our 3+ decades in video production, we have tons of experience helping businesses craft just the right approach and appeal to their audience. Our expertise in both video and business has earned us the knowledge and ability to get businesses pointed in the right direction for their video efforts for their sales funnels.

We exist as a company to be able to put our 35+ years of video production and marketing background to work for companies of all sizes.

So please do get in touch with us so we can help you define and determine the targets and strategies and audiences for your future video marketing.

There are several other excellent articles in this edition of the Video Marketing Weekly, so please be sure to look them over. There are many helpful of hints and tips contained in there.

For help with your video marketing strategy — and to identify your target audience for your sales funnel — call us at Penrose Productions: 650-969-8273

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