8 Ways to Doom Your Corporate Video Production – Mistake 3

Mistake 3.  Just Assume That Video or Multimedia is The Solution to Your Problem

Corporate video production and multimedia are not the solution to all problems of communications, training, sales, etc. So that is why it is so important to understand the answers to mistakes #1 and #2 in my previous blog posts. 

In the area of sales and marketing, video and multimedia can be an important strategic component in the mix.  In other areas, such a skills training, a video presentation might be just the ticket to be able to demonstrate proper technique to newly hired or promoted people.

In general, corporate video production and multimedia projects are best used where showing the product, service or process is advised.  In sales and marketing, a particularly effective use is to show products in use that are impractical to bring to the prospective client for a demonstration.  Over the years, we have done programs showing hotels, large assembly line robots, clean room processes, exercise programs, and many other areas where a demonstration in an office of the product or service is just not practical.

In areas involving interpersonal skills, such as management training, corporate video productions might also be a part of the solution.  Establishing the groundwork in an area could be an excellent use of video, especially if there will be many employees over time who require this training.  But for smaller groups, or for brief periods of time, role playing and other techniques could be warranted, whereas video and multimedia would not.


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