Business Videos from an MBA

When looking for a producer to do your business video, you might want to trust it to someone with an MBA.

Business videos are becoming more and more instrumental as time goes on. The reliance on web videos by consumer and business buyers alike is becoming more and more pronounced every day. In fact, a recent survey finds that businesses are moving increasingly from trying to reach their customers on regular TV to web video.

This is not a surprise.

We’ve all heard the astounding statistics about the growth and influence of web video:

  • there are 4 billion YouTube videos watched every day
  • the average YouTube viewer watches 5 hours of video per month
  • there are 100 hours minutes of video uploaded to YouTube every minute

These numbers are truly staggering but are in fact, growing. People are becoming more and more addicted to internet videos.

And how does a sharp business person communicate with all these potential buyers?

business video producer Jim PenroseBy creating their own business videos, of course. And to do this, the obvious step is hiring a video producer with a diverse business background. And what could be more appropriate that a video producer with an MBA from one of America’s most prestigious business schools?


I was pleased to learn that a profile I had submitted to my MBA magazine at the University of California Business School had been accepted for their “Alumni Notes” section. In it, I recounted how the broad business background of the Haas Business School had given me a broad background that allowed me to help create business videos for my clients for over 30 years.

I am proud of the diverse background I have received, not only from my MBA studies, but from the many years of experience in producing award-winning videos.

Perhaps more importantly, I’m proud of the 100% customer satisfaction rating we’ve received.

When it comes to making business videos, we truly relate to the perspective of our clients. Rather than trying to create fluff videos that entertain, we create business videos that accomplish the goals that we mutually develop with our clients.

Why don’t you come by and see what you can get from a company that truly understands business videos? Come to Penrose Productions.


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  1. Regina
    Regina says:

    I’ve actually been putting some thought lately into getting started with business videos. I think they can be incredibly effective for so many different types of projects. And you can convey so much information in a dynamic way if its done properly.

  2. Britanica
    Britanica says:

    I have heard of many people getting successful traffic and sales from Youtube alone. When it is does properly, you can not only increase a following, but reach people from all around the world. Depending on what you are going for, Youtube s a huge tool people need to get familiar with.

  3. jon terns
    jon terns says:

    I am amazed at how much of an impact video marketing has had on today’s business world! I think that is the area that I need the most help with as I think I could improve my business with a good video advertising strategies.


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