San Francisco Video Production Ratings

San Francisco Video Production: What’s Good Enough?

Is there an acceptable standard for video production work in the San Francisco area (or any market for that matter?) I’ve encountered many video production companies in the San Francisco area who are much more concerned about “art” than keeping their customers happy. But what about the business side?

I was thinking about this as I heard a radio commercial today. It was for a nationally-known firm that helps businesses and individuals by creating legal forms for their use, thus avoiding a lawyer’s high fees. They claimed that they had survey data that their customers gave them overwhelmingly positive marks for their service. They said that 80 percent (or was it 90 – I’m not sure) of their clients would recommend their service or would use them again themselves if the need arose.

What struck me is that this question was almost exactly the same that an independent service asked of our clients. This service was trying to evaluate whether or not they would give us their “seal of approval” as it were for our video production services in the San Francisco Bay Area. The customer survey was part of the process. Needless to say we passed easily. Now I know that this sounds cocky but in fact our customers, given the same question, gave us a 100% satisfaction rating.

Please feel free to read more about the methodology that rated us 100% for our San Francisco Bay Area video production work.

And thanks to all those clients that keep coming back time after time!

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