How Art Can Improve Business Videos

If you want to know how artists can improve business videos for your company, read on…

How Art Can Improve Business Videos

As of 2018, around 85% of Americans watch Internet videos. So millions of businesses use online channels to introduce themselves to potential customers. Internet videos have become so popular that in 77% of cases, YouTube ads deliver better viewing statistics than TV advertisements. Online video sales letters and corporate videos have become an indispensable marketing tool with – in the case of huge corporations – entire departments dedicated to video production. These departments are becoming more diverse with team members from different backgrounds. Visual artists, creative writers, graphic designers and experts in narrative theory and cinematic language can add value to any business video.

Why you should add artists to your team

Making a business video is an investment of thought, money and time. Of course, you want to see the returns in the form of improved sales and brand awareness. If you work in marketing or PR, you have your set of skills, as do we all. But you will need to have this skillset complimented by other experts that can contribute to making your video material even better. Artists, designers and other creatives will add value to your business video by making it more attractive to the eye, and help it stand out in the crowd. The visual design of a business video can make quite a difference. Video software developer Sherri Powers revealed that around 85% of Facebook videos are watched muted, so the traditional approach of a spokesperson explaining the benefits of the product will no longer do.

How an artist can add value to your business video

The use of color, movement and innovative visual styles will make your video memorable for potential customers. Bits of animation, custom illustrations and creative lettering can complement or even replace standard VSL formats. Video streaming in particular is becoming a game changer. If you live stream, you’ll want to be sure to have high-impact graphics.

Artists that are knowledgeable in the technicalities of video making can help you improve the quality of the image and achieve the desired emotional effect on potential customers. Strategic framing, impactful images and dynamic transitions can make a world of a difference in a business video and increase viewer clicks and retention. Vidyard revealed that on average only 46% of online viewers will watch a video all the way to the end, but personalized videos increase their retention by an additional 35%.

Don’t forget the thumbnail

Here’s a way that art can improve business videos that comes after the video is finished.  If you have videos posted on YouTube, Vimeo or other services, you’ll want your artist to create a killer thumbnail. YouTube, for example, by default will let you choose from 3 random images as indicative of your video. Seize control of this process by featuring a stunning, vibrant thumbnail that will get your potential viewer to be sure to click on your video.

So you see, art can improve business videos

Today, everything is about the image. Moving images will catch the eye and have a better chance at staying in a potential customer’s mind. The right artist will add much value to a standard business video. Since all of them have personal styles and visions, they can help the VSL become a unique piece of media that will effectively attract prospects as well as potential business partners.


This article was originated by Jane Dixon, freelance writer.


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