How To Make Readers Anticipate Your Emails

How can you get your audiences to anticipate your emails when they see them in their inbox?

anticipate your emails

Here’s one method to get your customer to anticipate your emails.

It’s kind of tricky, but well worth it. If you condition your subscribers properly, it can work really well.

To start with, you’re already aware that customers who actually spend money are worth much more than those seeking free offers. So the trick is to send your freebie seekers “an offer they can’t refuse.”

Here’s how it works

Every few e-mails that you send, have one of your links redirecting to an awesome $1 or $5 deal, but simply for a limited number of individuals.

This could be a product that generally costs a great deal more or perhaps something you no more actively sell. As long as it still has true value, this can work.

Your link might be obvious or concealed.

For instance, you may send an e-mail advertising a specific item, but before they land there, a backlink redirects to your special offer until it’s out of stock. After that it directs back to the original offer.

The following day, you can praise people who took the special package, and remind the other visitors that they can also grab these discounts if they pay attention and are prompt to act.

The secret is to condition your visitors beforehand to always be looking for these deals. Do that and they will anticipate your emails, open the, and click your links to discover what that super deal might be.

There is a disadvantage you must guard against when you use this technique though.

While you are conditioning your subscribers to anticipate emails and open them in order to not miss any awesome deals, you’re also guiding them to search for special deals. So even though your opens and clicks will improve noticeably, the money you earn per open and per click might decline as well. You’ll want to monitor and test this.

Odds are you may still generate more revenue. You’ll have more individuals anticipate your emails and view them. However, you also can dispose of excess products – or extra available time if you are a service provider. In addition, this provides you an opportunity to ultimately carry out business with consumers who may not have bought from you before. This means more sales of the product or services you promote every day, not merely the exclusive deals.

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