Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions 3/27/18

How To Use Video Marketing In The Era Of Short User Attention Spans leads this week’s “Video Marketing Weekly.”

Short User Attention Span

As usual, this week the Video Marketing Weekly has excellent articles that will help you with your video marketing content. Read them, and then try them for yourself when you make your next video!

This week, we have a great lead article from our compilation. It is titled “How To Use Video Marketing In The Era Of Short User Attention Span”.

The featured article in this week’s Video Marketing Weekly describes how brief the user attention span is for your video campaigns. If you want to figure out how your video content is performing on the social platform than you have to know about short user attention span.

We have written about this years ago, so please review this post from 2016 – it’s more true today than ever.

Not every viewer who clicks on your video will watch to the end and become a buyer.

That’s okay. You don’t need 100% attention span from everyone. You simply need the people who are actually interested in your product to keep watching. But you have to make it appealing enough that those who self-identify as potential customers will actually know the video will interest them.

So if your business is determined to keep producing short and quality video content with the short user attention span, you might think to hire a professional. This is especially true when you think about how a user attention span helps get your video to the right viewers.

Say it quick, say it well – the attention span of a modern content marketing.

The author says, ‘we are we’re living in a scrolling society’. So you have to attract a viewer with the very first frame of the video. There are so many videos out there to view, you have said it quick and precise. He uses a great example using a cooking video.

So, the length of the video is extremely important for your video marketing campaign. Your video’s length will help them decide whether they will find it worthwhile to sit through it all.

If you have decided to start a video marketing campaign that incorporates a short user attention span, give us a call. We would be delighted to put our more than 36 years of short and precise video production and content marketing expertise to work for you.

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