Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions 1/31/17

Here’s our latest edition of Video Marketing Weekly.

viral videoWe’ve compiled these articles from around the web from the past week. Since 2017 is the “year of web video” there’s no shortage of great articles out there.
The lead article for this week’s compilation of articles from around the web is one titled “This Viral Marketing Video Reached 250 Million Views in Just 24 Hours.

Now, it’s doubtful that our BtoB or BtoC clients will ever get a video with THAT kind of reach.

But how about reaching several hundred or several thousand of your top potential clients. That we can help with. And the article underscores several of the traits necessary to get your video noticed and shared. And who doesn’t want that?.

Our first disagreement is that we see no evidence of that happening, and secondly if companies are going to take their video marketing efforts in house, it needs to be done slowly as a company ramps up its commitment to making marketing videos. We’ve assisted a number of companies do this over the years, but it’s way too simplistic to think that this can be accomplished with the snap of the fingers.

But please check out this article and the various articles and see what you think.

There are several other articles listed that can help with your video marketing strategy and approach. We would love to get your opinion on any of the articles curated in this week’s edition. And if we can help you in any way with you video marketing, just give us a call.

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