How Art Can Improve Business Videos

If you want to know how artists can improve business videos for your company, read on…

How Art Can Improve Business Videos

As of 2018, around 85% of Americans watch Internet videos. So millions of businesses use online channels to introduce themselves to potential customers. Internet videos have become so popular that in 77% of cases, YouTube ads deliver better viewing statistics than TV advertisements. Online video sales letters and corporate videos have become an indispensable marketing tool with – in the case of huge corporations – entire departments dedicated to video production. These departments are becoming more diverse with team members from different backgrounds. Visual artists, creative writers, graphic designers and experts in narrative theory and cinematic language can add value to any business video.

Why you should add artists to your team

Making a business video is an investment of thought, money and time. Of course, you want to see the returns in the form of improved sales and brand awareness. If you work in marketing or PR, you have your set of skills, as do we all. But you will need to have this skillset complimented by other experts that can contribute to making your video material even better. Artists, designers and other creatives will add value to your business video by making it more attractive to the eye, and help it stand out in the crowd. The visual design of a business video can make quite a difference. Video software developer Sherri Powers revealed that around 85% of Facebook videos are watched muted, so the traditional approach of a spokesperson explaining the benefits of the product will no longer do.

How an artist can add value to your business video

The use of color, movement and innovative visual styles will make your video memorable for potential customers. Bits of animation, custom illustrations and creative lettering can complement or even replace standard VSL formats. Video streaming in particular is becoming a game changer. If you live stream, you’ll want to be sure to have high-impact graphics.

Artists that are knowledgeable in the technicalities of video making can help you improve the quality of the image and achieve the desired emotional effect on potential customers. Strategic framing, impactful images and dynamic transitions can make a world of a difference in a business video and increase viewer clicks and retention. Vidyard revealed that on average only 46% of online viewers will watch a video all the way to the end, but personalized videos increase their retention by an additional 35%.

Don’t forget the thumbnail

Here’s a way that art can improve business videos that comes after the video is finished.  If you have videos posted on YouTube, Vimeo or other services, you’ll want your artist to create a killer thumbnail. YouTube, for example, by default will let you choose from 3 random images as indicative of your video. Seize control of this process by featuring a stunning, vibrant thumbnail that will get your potential viewer to be sure to click on your video.

So you see, art can improve business videos

Today, everything is about the image. Moving images will catch the eye and have a better chance at staying in a potential customer’s mind. The right artist will add much value to a standard business video. Since all of them have personal styles and visions, they can help the VSL become a unique piece of media that will effectively attract prospects as well as potential business partners.


This article was originated by Jane Dixon, freelance writer.


How to Enhance Audio Quality in Your YouTube Videos

Audio Quality: the often overlooked aspect of business videos.

Over 1 billion hours of YouTube content are watched daily, according to research by Omnicore Agency. YouTube is the most used platform. People like to entertain and show things to their friends. Businesses share their video content to advance their business. However, there is lots of stiff competition. Having good quality videos is paramount to attract more viewers.

This includes having good audio quality for your videos.

Several suggestions can help you to avoid producing videos with poor sound quality.

Here are several steps you should take to enhance your YouTube videos:

Invest in High-Quality Microphones

audio quality

Coming up with a high audio quality for your videos is essential when making your YouTube videos. Just like you would listen and review a music track, you can also do the same for your videos. Listen to it carefully on your computer, tablet, or phone speakers – or on various portable audio devices. This includes your headphones to make sure the final product is of high quality.

To produce quality audio for your YouTube videos, you will need the right tools.

The first tool is a good, high-quality microphone. Using a microphone as close as possible to the sound source allows you to capture better audio quality versus onboard mics on the cameras. Microphones come in different shapes and sizes, each having unique strength that is suited to capture better audio in a given area.

Capturing Audio Using a Separate Decoder and Recorder

Sometimes, using one recorder for both video and audio recording can create inconsistent input recording levels, resulting in distorted audio. It may also be awkward, trying to manipulate the controls all on one unit. Having a separate audio recorder for your YouTube video production work can help you gain quality results in your sound. Similar to controlling audio levels from a mic or camera, a digital audio recorder allows you to adjust the audio levels in a way your microphone can pick as much sound as possible without clipping too high. Also, with a digital audio decoder, you can use different microphones for different uses and enjoy greater flexibility when it comes to arranging your mic set-up.

Use Dedicated Audio Software

When editing your video, most video editing software mainly focuses on the editing of the video and less on sound. However, dedicated audio software gives you the power to edit your sound quality. The edits include removing background noise, clicks, crackles, pops and wind noise. Also, a dedicated audio software helps in removing 60 cycle hum (a nasty humming sound produced by AC power), low-frequency echo and switching noise that brings about undesirable sounds to recorded videos.

Familiarize Yourself with Equalization and Mixing Techniques

Synchronizing several audio tracks (e.g. voice and music or soundtracks) can be a little more complex than merely adjusting levels of volume. Each track in your video will need different frequency levels and should be equalized accordingly to bring about harmonization. For instance, when you’re producing a documentary for your YouTube channel, you will want to ensure the soundtrack is not too loud – otherwise, it’s going to overshadow the commentary voice. With a proper EQ (Equalizer), voices can stand out, by minimizing the rumblings and prevent overly brightly audio segments, amongst other things. To master all these things mentioned above, you need to do more research and practice more to produce high-quality audio for your videos.

You can confidently promote your YouTube videos when you know that you have high quality audio.

Quality audio work can help to attract more viewers to your videos. The result is that you build your fanbase as more viewers get to subscribe to your channel.

This article was originated by Jane Dixon, freelance writer.

Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions 11/21/17

This week the Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions has some very informative articles, including info on streaming video.

facebook live

This week Penrose Productions has a treat. We have some articles on quality live video streaming broadcasting on Facebook Live and YouTube. In these articles, explore how to broadcast streaming video to your business related quality via Facebook and YouTube.

Use live streaming video to showcase your brand’s message.

In this lead article this week, the author introduces a great mobile production app Switcher Studio. This app will help you to brand your live streaming videos, showcase your logo and share images, links, or video clips with viewers.

In your live streaming video you can easily use the Switcher Studio app, using your IOS devices as a camera. Check out our newsletter to see how.

This week the lead article is titled “How to Easily Broadcast Multi-Camera Live Video for Facebook Live”.

As the author shares, Switcher Studio is great if you want to use your iPhone for streaming video. If you have and want to use something of higher quality like a DSLR or video camera, we have you covered. Check out Webcaster X2 which lets you stream to FB from any camera you already have.

This article also helps you how to manage the tech side of a Facebook Live show using Switcher Studio.

Be sure to look at this article. And let us know if we can help you define the targets and strategies to brand your streaming videos on social media.

We can also share several techniques of streaming videos that appeal to your target market.

Over our 36+ years in video production and marketing, we have extensive expertise helping businesses create the right approach and appeal to their target audience. Our expertise in both video and business has earned us the acknowledgment and capability to get companies aimed in the right path for their video marketing initiatives.

Contact us so we can assist you to understand the focus on, strategies, and audiences for your potential video marketing requirements.

Parenthetical, there are many other interesting articles in this edition of the Video Marketing Weekly, so please make sure to take a look. There are bunches of help for tips and hints contained therein.

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Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions 10/17/17

This week the Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions has some excellent articles for you from around the web.

YouTubeThis week we have a few articles about your online marketing videos that you’ll like. These musings on video marketing and its use on social media are part of another great compilation of articles in this latest edition of the Video Marketing Weekly.

In today’s online world, video is a critical tool.

YouTube video marketing can help viewers get quick information, be entertained, and solve their business problems. Check out the newsletter to see how.

This week the lead article is titled “Help your video rank higher! On YouTube! Real study! 12 tips!”

As pointed out in the article, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and social media site after Google. This article shares several good tips for increasing the ranking of your YouTube videos by working on optimizing your video content, improving your SEO efforts, and firing up your channel.

We’ve been at the forefront of video marketing for years – check out our most recent post on the topic.  We have lots of experience and knowledge about what works.

Let’s help underscore the first point of the article – that short videos are best. The article says that this is so that people will watch them and digest their contents, but the article ignores a very important additional fact that follows from that. Beyond supplying your sales message, consider that the more views a video has, the higher it ranks in the search engines, all things being equal. And to count a “view” it must be played for over one-half of the length of the video. Therefore, it’s much easier to get views with a short video than a long one.

So short videos help you in two ways.

If you have a dynamic video marketing idea, we can help profoundly by leading you through the process.

With our over 3 decades in creating business video productions, we have lots of practical experience in assisting companies in developing just the right strategy to motivate their target customer. Our experience in both video and business has advanced our credibility as experts in aiding businesses that want to aim in the right direction for their video marketing efforts.

We have worked tirelessly to fulfill our business’s goal of applying several hard-won lessons in video production plus our advertising expertise to improve services in many niches.

Kindly let us show you the way we could be of help. We would definitely be able to help you improve in this area, and help develop strategies to hit your target markets with video advertising and marketing.

For help with your video marketing technique– and to get the focus on your sales and marketing efforts– call us at Penrose Productions: 650-969-8273.


Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions 10/3/17

Check out the articles on video marketing trends and statistics from this week’s Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose marketing trends

This week we have a few articles about online marketing videos trends that you’ll like. These musings offer another great compilation of articles in this latest edition of the Video Marketing Weekly. The prime article points out some trends in video content marketing in today’s online world. Check out the newsletter to see how.

This week the lead article is titled “Top 10 Video Marketing Trends And Statistics Roundup 2017.”

In this changing world, you have to think again how to introduce your brand or business to your customers. The article points out that video marketing creates powerful customer engagement. So your video marketing should lead your marketing efforts.

This report is from Tubular Insights. It says that 64 percent of consumers purchase after watching branded social video content.

In this article, author gathered does research that says video will be next trend for boosting your marketing strategy.

So if you need help, we would be delighted to put our more than 3 decades of video production and marketing expertise to work for you.

Therefore be sure to let us know if we can help you set the targets and strategies for your video marketing.

At Penrose Productions we’re pleased to share this collection of video marketing articles to help our clients. We share about the many opportunities that these video marketing trends bring. There is no charge to subscribe, so please do.

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Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions 9/19/17

Here are the latest tips for YouTube video advertising in our latest edition of the Video Marketing Weekly.


This week Penrose Productions has some articles with tips for YouTube video advertising. They will help you to explore the quality of your business-related YouTube videos. We have lots of other articles from throughout the web this week. But the lead article features tips for YouTube ads and videos.

This week the lead article is titled “7 killer ad tips for YouTube & video.”

By Alexa rating, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. In every minute there are 300 hours of videos published on YouTube. So YouTube marketing gives you entry to a gigantic audience.

You should strongly consider YouTube video ads. They increase your brand value and spread your message to as many people as possible. You want this to be properly targeted to your target audience of course. This can be accomplished in many forms.

In this article, the author mentions that you can serve different videos to visitors who have different needs by using Google Tag Manager.

Here’s another of those great tips for YouTube. We would welcome the chance to help you with YouTube Video ads, or even YouTube videos that are not served via ads on YouTube.

Please be sure to look at this article and let us know if we can help. We can work with you to define the targets and strategies for your business branding for mass audiences.

We have over 35 years producing business video productions. This gives us tons of experience in assisting companies of all sizes to develop the right strategy to appeal to their target viewers.

In fact, we have a 100% satisfaction rating from our video production clients.

Our skills in both video and business have advanced our knowledge base for helping businesses to aim in the right way for their video marketing initiatives.

Naturally, at Penrose Productions we are pleased to share this collection of tips for YouTube video marketing, plus write-ups and posts to assist our customers to grasp the possibilities that video marketing brings. Why not subscribe so you don’t miss an issue? It’s free.

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Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions 9/12/17

This week the Video Marketing Weekly has a brand new article for you about a great tool named the vidIQ Chrome Extension.

vidIQ YouTube Video Analytics Chrome Extension

The lead article in our newsletter is titled “vidIQ YouTube Video Analytics Chrome Extension [COOL TOOL]”

In this article, the author explores what makes a video go viral and optimizes videos for more views. Its all about the vidIQ YouTube chrome extension for video analytics.

We use the vidIQ Chrome extension often to analyze videos.

This great extension gives you terrific ideas for how to best setup your YouTube videos. This helps you get higher rankings and more traffic.

The vidIQ Chrome extension is a Great tool for any startup entrepreneur.

This tool delivers a comprehensive optimization report card for any YouTube video – right on your browser! As the author says, this tool works for you to supply “keyword research and video optimization intelligence”.

It will provide you the answers and optimization data that can dramatically improve your videos’ performance, subscriber engagement, and promotion opportunities.

As pointed out in the article, if you’re a content creator, marketing manager or YouTuber you’ve undoubtedly wondered about this tool. It will help you to rank your video in the search engines for YouTube SEO and fit you into the social media audience.

This article gives you the proper guidelines how to manage the vidIQ Chrome extension panel.

VidIQ will display a new set of metrics on the YouTube watch page for the particular video. This includes:

  • overall vidIQ score
  • views per hour
  • average view percentage
  • total views
  • the total minutes watched
  • the number of times the video was embedded
  • how many subscribers there are to the YouTube channel
  • the number of subscriptions that were earned as a result of that video.

This is just one of the many tools that we use.

As pros in the video marketing arena, we’re here to help. If you have a video marketing idea, let us know so we can assist you to define the targets. We can also assist with your plans to brand your videos on YouTube as well as social media.

More than 35 years in video production and marketing, we have broad expertise helping businesses create the right strategy and interest for their target viewers. Our expertise in both video and business has earned us the recognition and skill to get companies aimed in the right way for their video marketing initiatives.

Kindly let us show you the way we could be of help. We would undoubtedly be able to help you better in this area and help improve plans to hit your target with video advertising and marketing.

For guidance with your video marketing plan — and to help your video marketing message — call us at Penrose Productions: 650-969-8273.


Video SEO Secrets They Just Don’t Tell You

Video SEO is to be regarded as important to your video content as regular SEO – it does the same job.

It will help your content get found. Working on your video SEO increases your visibility in organic search and across YouTube as a platform.  It will promote your YouTube channel and it also gives your content a visible edge when shared on other social media platforms.

You need to treat your videos as a different type of content that should be optimized for Google algorithms. SEO Heroes offer digital marketing solutions that are great to take advantage of, but why shouldn’t you be helping yourself along the entire way, here are some secrets about Video SEO that will help you get your videos ranked before you go to the pro’s:

Video SEO keywords need to be seo

What are the main keywords that best describe your video and business? Can they be combined?  Ensure that you do keyword research to find the most popular search terms for your subject. After all, what good is it to rank for search terms that nobody looks for? After you have chosen the appropriate keywords, then ensure that you ping your YouTube channel to the myriad of update services so that Google and the other search engines will crawl.

Video SEO means you need a catchy title.

Nobody has ever persuaded anyone to read anything when there is a boring title. It’s the same for video. If you want to stand out, be sure to stand out! Make sure your video triggers interest in someone who’s searching, while still using your keywords.

Make A Full Description

Even though technology advances every day, the Google/YouTube bots are still unable to watch your video to determine what it’s about. So this is where descriptions come in. A description box is also a place where you tastefully place some additional keywords, but don’t go overboard. In this way, the bots understand what your video is all about and rank it higher.

Don’t ignore your transcription

There are multiple reasons for this. First we don’t want to forget the hearing impaired. You want to reach them with your message too. YouTube will automatically create a transcription through their voice recognition algorithm, but it’s not perfect.

Which brings us to reason number 2. Because YouTube “knows” what your video says through voice recognition, they learn much about the content of your video for their search results. Make sure you have the correct transcription included in your video’s description to give it an extra good SEO boost. This gives the bots an extra thing for crawl and rank.


Do you want to get your audience at certain points in your video to take an action? Do not overlook annotations. Don’t go overboard and have them running over the entire course of the video – no one wants to be closing boxes when they are meant to be watching a video. But strategically located annotations can get your viewers to head over to your website or other web location to take your desired action.

Add calls to action at the end of the video

Most people and companies that post online video don’t follow the basic best practices such as creating “compelling visual content combined with a well-designed title that includes your keywords and a call to action.’’ Generally speaking, the call-to-action should encourage viewers to do something. This includes making a phone call or visiting a site where they may be exposed to a product, service, or content that’s designed to turn them into buyers.

Add Metadata To Your Video Sitemap

You should create a video sitemap so you can provide metadata when you post a new video to “improve Google’s ability to integrate videos into search results,” according to Google. Sitemaps should contain HTML code that identifies video titles, descriptions, and other tags.

These are many of the steps needed, and of course, doing these well to maximize video SEO takes lots of practice.

Keep doing this and you will succeed. Or you can give us a call at Penrose Productions to get on the fast track for video SEO.


Rachel Stinson has always had a knack for writing, food, fashion, and places. Blogging has combined all four for her with an added bonus of enthusiastic audiences. She expertly analyzes real estates, restaurants and electronics stores with respect to pricing and people involved and can express her opinions in an unhesitant, engaging manner for all matters.


Getting Banned from YouTube: Your Competitor Can Do It

If you think that getting banned from YouTube is difficult, you probably play by the rules and can’t imagine how or why that would happen.

banned from youtubeYou are also being a bit naive. YouTube can be a wonderfully powerful force for businesses of all sizes in sharing their videos with the world in general, and their target audience in particular. Not only is YouTube a free, high quality storage platform for videos, thanks to it’s search parameters it helps those videos to get found. In fact, we’ve helped lots of companies accomplish this.

Think of the sheer size of YouTube:

  • The total number of people who use YouTube – 1,300,000,000.
  • 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute!
  • Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day.
  • YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day

(statistics thanks to

Over the course of its development, YouTube has evolved into a platform with a large set of rules and regulations to be followed by people uploading a video.

A YouTube channel owner has to be aware of the hazards of using this usually reliable marketing asset.

If you have a video channel which supports your website or business, you have to not only be very careful with YouTube policies, but be prepared to defend them. You could get banned from YouTube without any prior notice.

We saw this happen recently when the channel owned by Legal Insurrection was banned from YouTube.

The channel was removed without any prior notice based on third-party claims of copyright infringement. Although these claims were submitted by a political rival, the fact that the channel was banned from YouTube was so complete that even original videos created by the channel owner were banned by YouTube.

Fox News reported this ban on the channel imposed by YouTube, without any notice and can be read in detail here. Despite your political views, the fact that this could happen so quickly, completely and unjustifiably should be a concern for all channel owners.

So this should serve as warning to all YouTube channel owners that they too could be banned from YouTube and a substantial marketing asset eliminated, simply because of a complaint by anyone  – including a competitor.

Therefore, it is important to be extremely careful while uploading your content so your competitors can make no third party complain of copyright infringement or any other irregularity against you. Here are some additional suggestions that you can adhere to in order to stay on the right side of YouTube laws:

Only use content that you own or produced

This is obvious – if you don’t own the video or have the right to do with it as you please, it may get banned from YouTube. the process for your competition to dispute your ownership is very easy, do don’t give them the opportunity. This is the easiest way to get banned from YouTube. The only way that you can use content of others on YouTube is to use videos marked “creative commons.” That gives you the go-ahead to use the footage.


YouTube gives channel owner the choice of three possible thumbnails, which are random images from the video as it is uploaded. We urge channel owners to use their own custom thumbnails. While deciding the thumbnail for your YouTube video, be careful. A misleading picture which attracts a user to see the video may go undetected by the YouTube algorithm but will surely be picked up by your competitor. Therefore, add relevant thumbnail pictures that apply to the actual content of the video.

Don’t get software to generate traffic

For several years, channel owners could  purchase views, likes and subscribers for their YouTube videos. They have figured that out and now the ability to uncover such trickery, and it will get you banned from YouTube quickly.

Video description

Write a long and ample video description of 500 words or more. Explain your involvement in the creation of the YouTube video. This will cement your ownership claims.

Read the fine print

In order to save you the hassle of trying to restore a channel that has been banned by Youtube, read the fine print before clicking on the “accept” button. Knowing the rules and regulations will make you less probable of breaking them without knowing.

As a subsidiary of Google, YouTube follows the policy of making it very difficult to speak with a real human being.

So it is difficult to rectify the situation if you are banned from YouTube. Our recommendation for a fail-safe solution is to be sure that you have all of your videos backed up on other media. If the worst happens, you can re-upload all of the videos to a new channel. But since you would lose all the prior views, likes, comments, etc. it is best to avoid the situation in the first place.


The Legal Insurrection channel has been reinstated after much pressure. But it took a lot of work on the part of the channel owner, something we all want to avoid.

Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions 12/13/16

Here’s the latest collection of internet articles about video marketing. We’ve gathered them from around the net from the past week.

This edition’s lead article is titled “Six Tips for for Successfully Using Live Streaming Video for Marketing” as it explores the recent upswing in live video feeds on social media and YouTube platforms.

Take a look, and if we can help you in this or any area of video marketing, of course just let us know.

At Penrose Productions we are very pleased to share this collection of articles to help educate our clients and others so they can be better informed in the arena of video marketing. Why not consider subscribing?

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