Testimonial Videos for Your Business

A testimonial video can help your company’s bottom line. But it can hurt your business if not done properly.

Testimonial videos can help any business out there wishing to make full use of modern tools to market their business. Video has emerged as one of the most powerful tools for communication in the modern world, and is gaining ground on text-based communication as the preferred mode of sharing information.

For a business, a testimonial video is the perfect way to engage with an audience ready to consume information.

testimonial video

To come up with a truly great testimonial video, keep in mind the following:

  • Tell a story. It’s easy to find a loyal customer to endorse the business, saying how great they appreciated the product/service. However, viewers may find it boring. However, storytelling techniques have never failed to capture the interest of the audience. Find a customer that had a unique challenge for which your business provided a solution, and you’ll be able to connect with viewers instantly.
  • Keep it real. Video is the next best thing to a face to face conversation the audience will have with your business. Keep the testimonial real at all times. Modern viewers are quite adept at spotting scripted scenes, so avoid that. Let the characters express themselves in their own words.
  • Cover everything. Sure, the whole point of the testimonial is to convey how great your business is. However, don’t jump straight into the hard sell with the video. Cover the character’s entire journey, from how they discovered the problem at hand, what led them to your business, the problem solving process, and the results.
  • Use a professional video production service. To be able to capture all these aspects in a 2 to 3 minute video, you will require expert video production and editing services. Anyone can hold the camera and record, but it’s a real professional who can identify the touching points of the video that will best convey the message.
  • Keep it short. Concentration spans are slowly reducing. Most viewers will probably have a few minutes to spare to watch the video. Having the testimonial video go on and on for half an hour is bound to go unwatched. Keep the video short and concise; 4 minutes at the most. However, don’t skip over important talking points in an effort to shorten run time.
  • Be sure to promote the video. Share it with your clients and potential clients. The video is worthless if it isn’t seen by your intended audience. This can happen in a variety of ways, and we can help you create the apparatus for these placements if needed. They include:
    1. placing your video on YouTube and maximizing its search engine power
    2. sending links in promotional emails
    3. place the videos in white papers (.pdf’s)
    4. place them on your website
    5. play them at your trade show booth

Using these tips, your next testimonial video should have customers buzzing with excitement regarding your business.



7 replies
  1. Lina
    Lina says:

    I agree, video endorsements are great! As long as they are real. It seems like every time I see an actor cast in a testimonial video they lose every acting skill they ever learned. But if you are a legit business with happy customer like yours, there is no need for actors. A happy customer is usually glad to sing your praises!

  2. Jim Penrose
    Jim Penrose says:

    Both Lina and John are on top of it. It’s funny how hard it is to get people to go on camera for a testimonial, when they deep down want to. Shy? Humble? Lack confidence? It runs the gamut.

  3. Britanica
    Britanica says:

    I have seen some funny video testimonies on youtube over the last few years. Not ha-ha funny, but poorly scripted and horribly executed. You want honest feed bad and real people doing this. Using fake stories with made up names and people wont get you far at all. Lying to your consumers is a huge step on the ship of failure.

  4. jon terns
    jon terns says:

    I saw that I could buy video testimonials online for a very low price. Is that a recommended practice or is it a “you get what you pay for” kind of thing? Quality over quantity?

    • Jim Penrose
      Jim Penrose says:

      Jon, the idea is to get videos that convert. So what if you get listed highly in Google if people don’t call, or worse yet, if the videos ruin your reputation?


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