Fun San Jose Video Production is Done

This San Jose Video for a Small Business was Lots of Fun to Create.

We often produce San Jose video productions, as well as those in San Francisco, or around the world. And it’s always lots of fun when we get to express our creativity.

In my blog post of July 3 about a fun video production for San Jose-based Abbey Carpets, we indicated we’d be sharing the video once completed.  It’s up on YouTube now and we’re happy to let you see it.

The challenge was to create a marketing video for Abbey Carpets/Blossom Valley Interiors in San Jose. We used footage from a video camera that shoots at a very low frame rate, so that when the video is played back at normal speed everything is in fast motion.

Using that footage as a basis, we constructed a story around the old-time movie format that it suggested. By using the “before” footage in black and white, we added title cards, film scratches and ragtime piano music in the edit.

Kudos to Steve Delamore and the entire staff at Abbey who embraced the process and trusted our professional judgement for the creation of this video.

Now that the video is up on YouTube, it’s time to leverage the power of YouTube videos for search engine optimization. It will take awhile to get this San Jose video ranking on the front page for competitive keywords such as “San Jose Flooring” but already after just 2 days for the term “Karndean San Jose” this video is the #2 ranked organic search on Google:


San Jose Video SEO




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