Keeping Video Production Clients Coming Back

Video Production Client: Back After 20 Years

Wow, we just got a great vote of confidence when we got a call and visit today from one of our long-ago video production clients. He returned to discuss a video of a medical instrument he was developing. The instrument is going through the patent process and we are under a non-disclosure agreement, so we can’t talk much about it.

The point though, was that he returned after last doing video production with us in 1993. He was kind enough to mention that he hadn’t done any video production work since then, but knew where his “video home” was.

Obviously we were delighted.  We’ve gotten great reviews from our customers in the past, and they come back time and time again, but 20 years between video productions is a first for us.

This new video production will include both live action video and animation, and working with him again will be a great pleasure, we’re sure. It’s to be used first to secure financing and later as a marketing and trade show video. We’ll post it here in this video production blog once it’s finished.

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