Leading the Video Production Field

Video Production Leadership is a Biblical Principle.

back of the room video in San Francisco

This last weekend we began video production work at a 3 day leadership conference for a company we’ve served for several years. In addition to producing training videos and communications pieces, we shoot this annual conference that is held at a top-notch hotel in San Francisco.

While “back of the room” video productions are not typically the most exciting projects for us to work on, we look forward to shooting this one every year. The conference is first class, all the way.

This begins with the client, who is a total leader in their field. Since taking over as CEO, the boss has lead the company on an amazing journey to increased revenue and profits. And one can see why — it’s all about the culture. The CEO sets the tone through his articulate style and creating an environment where everyone feels they’re part of a team, and all contribute to the company’s success.

As an aside, I launched our video production company 31+ years ago largely because of my disillusionment with corporate leadership. The examples I saw when I worked in the transportation industry in the 1970s and early 1980s were abysmal. Maybe if I had seen this type of leadership in my early career, I might have stayed in a corporate job!

In his opening remarks the CEO spoke about needing to serve others as a prerequisite to taking a leadership role, whether as a company or an individual.

That certainly resonated for us in our work as a video production company, as all we really provide is a service, and nothing else. If we can’t add value to our clients, we won’t be around. Since we’ve been in the video production business for well over 30 years, I think we’re living that philosophy. Not that the mission is ever over of course.

It also struck me that this is not a new principle. It’s found in many versions in the Synoptic Gospels of the New Testament. Jesus himself taught his disciples that “whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.” (Matthew 20:26) Enough said…


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