Silicon Valley Video Editing System Working to Save Trees

State-of-the-art Silicon Valley Video Editing System Being Used to Help Save the Rain Forest.

Through our 31+ years of doing Silicon Valley video editing and production, we’ve come to truly appreciate the broad diversity of projects that we’ve been a part of. We’ve traveled extensively to conduct many of these video shoots and done worldwide video production for many clients.

Projects have ranged from a round the world video production trip for a semiconductor manufacturer, to a Maui video production of a hotel there, to several US nationwide video productions for the folks at CityPass.

silicon valley video editing client Katherine HoldenThis time we won’t be hitting the road, however. The work that we’re going to do is confined to the post production portion of footage already shot in the Amazon rain forest.

We’ve just finished the installation of our new AVID video editing system and the first project is to assist local resident Katherine Holden in her quest to save the rain forests. What makes Katherine unique is that she is a 71 year old woman who is learning to climb huge trees in the rain forests in order to bring consciousness to their dwindling habitat.

Katherine is an amazing woman and she tells us that she has had a love of climbing trees ever since she was a little girl. By her own admission that was more than a few years ago, so to see a woman all rigged up and climbing trees at age 71 is truly an inspiration.

Katherine has already posted several videos of her adventures, and you can see them here on Katherine’s YouTube channel. One particularly interesting short video is a time-lapse of her rigging a bed for sleeping in a tree:

The finished videos we edit in our Silicon Valley video editing facilities will be used in presentations Katherine uses to share her work with the world and to draw attention to the environmental issues in the rain forests.

BTW, Katherine came to us by way of Thumbtack — so glad she did!

See our Thumbtack profile here: Guaranteed Video Production

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