Small Business Video Optimization on YouTube – Editing

Small Business Videos on YouTube Should Not Need Editing in the YouTube Interface to Get Higher Viewer Engagement.

On July 22 we shared a post where we talked about the basics of optimizing your small business video on YouTube. At that time we promised to share the advanced features of getting your small business video on YouTube so that it can be found and viewed, with the bottom-line result of more customers.

Your small business video on YouTube should be in edit mode. As we mentioned in our July 22 post, you’ll see at least three images to choose from as a thumbnail. YouTube randomly picks one freeze frame each from the first, second and third 1/3 of the video. While the one in the middle third is chosen by default, you want to pick the freeze frame that is the most interesting. You want potential viewers who see the video to click on it, of course, so pick the one that you think will cause viewers to be most likely to click. Since YouTube began, videos have only had these three images to choose from and it has been a constant source of complaint that users had now control over this. No matter how much YouTube experts tried to game the system, they could not crack the code to get their preferred freeze frame to be the video thumbnail they would choose. That has changed now and YouTube is making a user-determined thumbnail available. At this point it is only available to YouTube Partners, so if you’re just starting out you won’t have that choice. Here’s a peek at what it looks like when you are a partner:

small business video YouTube thumbnail

Editing your small business video in YouTube

At the top of the page, you can click enhancements and you can actually do some editing in your video. While these are nifty ways to change your video, for a small business video they should not be necessary. That’s because you should have had your small business video professionally produced and at the point of uploading your videos should have had all necessary editing done.

As information however, there are a wide variety of tools from basic editing to special effects, audio enhancements. A particularly useful one is their video stabilization, which can be used if you make the mistake of shooting a video using a handheld camera instead of using a tripod. This is one of the 8 Ways to Doom Your Small Business Video Project.  A video pro will shoot with a tripod or other camera mount, so you shouldn’t have to use that YouTube tool.

Annotations for your small business video

In the annotations section, there are some useful additions that can help your small business video. You’ll see that you can add speech bubbles that can function as:

  • a call to action
  • a link to another video
  • a link to your Google+ page

We’ll look at this more in depth next time, including how to create these annotations. But as a teaser, you can see an example in our video production demo shown above. At the end of this short video (at 1:03 until the end) you can see an annotation that invites the viewer to visit our Google+ page.


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