Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions 1/30/18

Success with Live Video is the Subject of the Lead Article in This Week’s “Video Marketing Weekly.”

success with live video

Live video streaming has become an influential force in the world of digital marketing. Live video helps you to get in touch with your audience in real-time. It allows you to interact with your audience and be able to become a part of the conversation with them– live.

This is an important part of any content strategy.

The lead article this week is titled “2018 State of Social Report – Success with Live Video”.

This article says success with this tactic yields some very interesting insights. While success with live video is not easy to accomplish, it seems from their article that success does not depend on the frequency of  output. They conclude that success with live video seems to come from the relevance of content, something we have always maintained.

If you want to appeal to your audience, you need to have a clear idea of who they are and what they want. This applies, whether you are looking for success with videos that are webcast live, or pre-recorded and edited ones. See our earlier blog post on the topic

“Live Video is a Growing Trend”

As per this “State of Social Report 2018,” its use is growing year over year. Their research is based on interviews with over 1,700 social media marketers. Live video is six times more effective than non-live videos according to reports published by Facebook. By using this technique, you share your face, your voice, expressions and answer questions live. This builds confidence and creates an environment of transparency.

A word of caution, however. Live video is not an efficient medium if you only have a small audience. It can take a very long time for a small company to ever get traction, if at all.

While you can post a recording of the video later, the impact and novelty of live video is best expoited when you have lots of clients (or potential clients) watching live.

When you integrate live video into your sales and marketing process your customer gets what they want – if you give it to them. So live video has become one of the most effective ways to stand out and connect with an audience. It quickly conveys meaning and emotion.

Whether you are looking at doing live video or pre-recorded ones, we would be delighted to put our more than 3 decades of video production and video content marketing expertise to work for you.

So be sure to let us know if we can help you set the targets and strategies for your live video content marketing.

We have lots of practical expertise in assisting companies in creating just the right approach to motivate their target consumer. Our experience in both video production and the business world has advanced our credibility. As experts in aiding businesses that want to aim in the right direction for their live video content marketing efforts, we should be your first stop.

Get in touch with us to help you define and determine the targets for your future video content marketing as well as strategies on how to appeal to them.

There are several other excellent articles in this edition of the Video Marketing Weekly. So please be sure to look them over. There are many helpful hints and tips contained in there. And it’s free.

For support with your video marketing strategy — and to identify your target viewers for your video content marketing — call us at Penrose Productions: 650-969-8273


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