Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions 4/10/18

B2B Video Marketing Strategy: our lead article in this week’s “Video Marketing Weekly.”

B2B Video Marketing Strategies

A well-crafted B2B video marketing strategy is a powerful strategy for attracting and engaging customers. 2018 is the time to include B2B videos in your marketing strategy.

This week, we have a great lead article from our compilation. It is titled “Why B2B Video Marketing Strategies Are Evolving in 2018”.

The lead article on B2B video marketing strategy is full of valuable facts. It makes a great case for companies to get their b@b video marketing strategy “act” together.

Video consumption is on the rise, while text consumption is on the decline. As per online research, 92 percent of B2B customers watch videos online, 43 percent of that demographic researches services or products for their business through online videos, and 76 percent of marketing professionals include video marketing as part of their overall digital strategy.

In this article, the author says, emerging technologies make B2B video marketing more effective through advanced targeting. The featured article in this week’s Video Marketing Weekly describes what video marketing strategies can you apply to generate interest and sales leads in your B2B market.

We have written about this years ago, so please review this post from 2016 – it’s even more applicable today than ever.

LinkedIn – is Ready For a ‘Video Revolution’ in 2018.

LinkedIn is a space of opportunity to showcase your brand, knowledge, and products and services. The author also said the native video gets substantially more visibility. The LinkedIn algorithm gives native videos more weight so they show up more often in the feed.

38% of marketers share video content on LinkedIn. They claim it is a successful strategy because LinkedIn videos are also more practical for live streaming conferences and other marketing events.

So be a smart B2B marketer and fine tune your B2B video marketing strategy.

If you have decided to fix – or even start – a B2B video marketing strategy, give us a call. We would be delighted to put our more than 36 years of video production and B2B content marketing expertise to work for you.

We have the business school background and a great deal of practical experience in helping companies in producing just the right video content to motivate their target consumer. Our experience in both video and business has advanced our reliability. We should be your first and last stop. We’re the professionals in aiding businesses that wish to get their video content marketing efforts right.

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