Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions 08/29/17

Can You Start Video Content Marketing in Cheap and Easy Way?

Here’s the newest version of the Video Marketing Weekly of Penrose Productions.

Cheap and Easy

Sharing video content is a powerful storytelling medium for your business. This applies to promotional campaigns, influential ideas and content efforts. These can all help you create a more satisfying relationship with your audience.

Previously, video content marketing has been an expensive proposition. In our lead article the author shows you how it is possible to minimize your budget.

This week, that lead article in our web compilation is titled “How to Get Started with Video Content Marketing (Without a Blockbuster Budget)”.

Many marketers avoid creating video marketing for one simple reason. That is, it has a reputation for being expensive to produce. The featured article in this week’s Video Marketing Weekly shows you how to start your video content marketing on a smaller budget.

The truth is that producing great content marketing can be incredibly affordable with video.

In the article, the author is clear about the way to make video content marketing outstanding on a modest budget. You can create your marketing videos to promote your product, service or brand at an amazingly low cost.

The author also suggests four question before start planning your video content marketing:

  1. Who is this for?
  2. Why should they watch it (what’s in it for them)?
  3. How will they find it?
  4. What do I want them to do after they watch it?

We have always preached about these foundational steps to video content marketing. You can use these ideas to start producing the video without a big budget. Read the conclusion to our series of eight blog posts here.

If you have decided to make video content marketing a part of your business plan, give us a call.

We would be delighted to put our more than 35 years of video production and video content marketing expertise to work for you, even with a low budget.

We have a great deal of practical experience in helping companies in producing videos that motivate their target user. Our experience in both video and business has made us invaluable to a long list of clients.

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