Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions 11/21/17

This week the Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions has some very informative articles, including info on streaming video.

facebook live

This week Penrose Productions has a treat. We have some articles on quality live video streaming broadcasting on Facebook Live and YouTube. In these articles, explore how to broadcast streaming video to your business related quality via Facebook and YouTube.

Use live streaming video to showcase your brand’s message.

In this lead article this week, the author introduces a great mobile production app Switcher Studio. This app will help you to brand your live streaming videos, showcase your logo and share images, links, or video clips with viewers.

In your live streaming video you can easily use the Switcher Studio app, using your IOS devices as a camera. Check out our newsletter to see how.

This week the lead article is titled “How to Easily Broadcast Multi-Camera Live Video for Facebook Live”.

As the author shares, Switcher Studio is great if you want to use your iPhone for streaming video. If you have and want to use something of higher quality like a DSLR or video camera, we have you covered. Check out Webcaster X2 which lets you stream to FB from any camera you already have.

This article also helps you how to manage the tech side of a Facebook Live show using Switcher Studio.

Be sure to look at this article. And let us know if we can help you define the targets and strategies to brand your streaming videos on social media.

We can also share several techniques of streaming videos that appeal to your target market.

Over our 36+ years in video production and marketing, we have extensive expertise helping businesses create the right approach and appeal to their target audience. Our expertise in both video and business has earned us the acknowledgment and capability to get companies aimed in the right path for their video marketing initiatives.

Contact us so we can assist you to understand the focus on, strategies, and audiences for your potential video marketing requirements.

Parenthetical, there are many other interesting articles in this edition of the Video Marketing Weekly, so please make sure to take a look. There are bunches of help for tips and hints contained therein.

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