Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions 8/2/16

Here’s the latest video marketing information that we have gathered from around the web. The featured article this week is about why the popularity of video Marketing is great news for writers.

Penrose Productions is delighted to offer this compilation of articles to help our clients and others become better informed in the area of video marketing.

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San Jose Web Marketing: the Use of Directories

Small firms looking for a San Jose web marketing advantage need to be listed in numerous directories.

San Jose web marketing is tough. In a major metro area like the South Bay, there are numerous companies competing to get found online. The list of web marketing tasks seems almost endless. And there is not shortage of San Jose web marketing firms to help companies do this.

We’ve created a resource that will help companies get a leg up on their San Jose web marketing.

One of the first steps the small business should take is to get listed in a variety of web directories, But which ones? We’ve compiled a list of the top directories as well as instructions on how to get listed on them. It’s only a click away, and available at no charge from us at Penrose Productions.

These directories will not only help potential customers directly access a business through that directory, but it will also help businesses get found in the search engines.

San Jose web marketing directoryDownload this report now, to jump start your San Jose web marketing.

It’s available on our site for free. Just head over to our page on web marketing and head down to check mark #4 to find the download.

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Business Videos on Facebook

Posting Business Videos on Facebook: What Day of the Week is Best?

Business videos are showing up increasingly in social media, especially on Facebook. The videos are all part of the trend to increasing social engagement on social media.

There was a great article yesterday by LinchpinSEO that showed the best days of the week to post on Facebiij business pages, segmented by industry. In it the author looks at the amount of engagement different Facebook posts received based on which day of the week they were posted.

Engagement was calculated giving most weighting to “likes” on Facebook, with lesser emphasis to comments and shares. The methodology is not shared in the article, so we’ll have to wonder if the percentage weightings were compiled from analysis of the samples, or whether they simply used standard Facebook engagement percentages.

Regardless, the implications for posting business videos is obvious. The savvy marketer has to include this in his or her bag of tricks.

It is highly instructive to those who market for the various industries mentioned so that these marketers can see when to post business videos and other entries for highest engagement. Some are highly intuitive, such as highest engagement levels in the entertainment industry coming on Saturdays and Sundays. However, some surprise, including the highest engagement in the financial industry coming on Fridays and Sundays.

It is interesting to see the article and come to your own specific conclusions about when to post your business videos.