Getting a Video White Balance

Getting a Video White Balance

When you’re trying to get a video white balance, this technique applies to shooting whether you are doing video production in San Francisco or elsewhere, indoors or out.  When we were shooting at NDS Surgical Imaging we captured this little nugget to show how to get a video white balance. This is important because for web video production (or any video production for that matter) the colors must be accurate, and light has different “temperatures.”  That is, light is composed of different parts of the light spectrum.  Have you ever noticed how fluorescent lights give a different cast or hue from the light you see in a living room?  Or how outdoor light can vary from one time of day to another in its hue?  Getting a video white balance tells the camera what your current light conditions are like, and the electronics can discern the color components.  White light is made up of all colors (think rainbow or prism) so by telling the camera what white looks like under your lights (or no lights) will tell it how the different colors should look.  Here’s how to get a video white balance to make sure all your colors are true. AFTER you have the final lighting setup, have the subject hold (or place at the focal point of the shot) a white card, and press the camera’s white balance switch or button.


Three Point LIghting Setup

How We Created a Three Point Lighting Setup On Location

We used a three point lighting setup when we shot at NDS Surgical Imaging yesterday. Our mission was to capture one of their managers teaching customers how to update software on their displays. NDS makes incredible wireless HD monitors for use in operating rooms, and we shot in their demo room because it had lots of “eye candy.” This little video I shot with a pocket camera shows how we set up the shoot using standard three point lighting.