Need Photos for Your Web Marketing?

Nice Web Marketing Resource

Anyone who does web marketing needs to have a variety of resources available to include with their materials. This includes photos and other pictures that we all use. Google and other search engines like those images if they are formatted and annotated properly. But we web marketing folks want to use them on the up and up — this means among other things, that all images are copyright cleared.

We recently discovered a web marketing resource that should be on the radar of anyone who needs to include pictures in blog posts, PowerPoint presentations, articles, advertising, etc. This is a great first stop to find copyright-cleared photographs and other images. This website is run by Pixabay and can be found at

Pixabay is a photo sharing site for web marketers and others. To be able to download photos you need to join, but no worry as it’s free. After you join you may download photos at no cost, but be prepared to ignore the top row of images as those are not free. The setup is much like Google Adwords being listed first in a Google search. If you skip those and go to the next rows of photos, you’ll be able to download those images for free.

Another cool part is that attribution is not required when using the images.

And if you upload photos that you’ve taken and allow others to use them without compensation, you can download without having to look at ads or the paid images at the top of your search.  The site does require a minimum level of quality for the images you upload, however, so don’t expect that you can upload a dozen random snaphots of uninteresting or poorly composed material.

The reason we consider this site a great first stop is that the catalog of images, while growing, is not huge.  But if you check Pixabay and can not find the picture you need, you can always move along to paid sites.

Here’s an example of some great pictures available for free on Pixabay:

pixabay 1 pixabay 2 pixabay 3 pixabay 4

In addition to the images available for download, Pixabay also has a free WordPress plugin for those of you who wish to insert photos in your WordPress pages or posts. A small “px” icon appears next to your “add media” button at the top of your posts. In fact, we downloaded the images above using that plugin.