Silicon Valley Trade Show Videos

Silicon Valley trade show videos are getting to be a specialty for us.

We have a number of clients that like to have Silicon Valley trade show videos recorded for posterity. Why? They are getting in touch with the effectiveness of video as a powerful communication tool. It seems that these days, people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. But videos are so very efficient that they can deliver complex concepts in a time span that is much shorter than text.

As we’ve said for years, this is not a new concept.

Just as a movie portray the essence of days, weeks or years in a short time period, industrial videos can similarly compress your message to its essence. When we are producing Silicon Valley trade show videos we are typically on site with tech pros that can distill their message down to the bare minimum. The folks in the tech business are learning that there is precious little time to prove their point or get their message across. So they have become efficient in their presentations.

And with Silicon Valley trade show videos, we can magnify this efficiency by a large amount.

Time is of the essence for everyone these days, so why take 1000 words to tell a story when 100 will do? Similarly, we can often show an event or process by using video. This can convey the message in a fraction of the time it takes to tell about it.

silicon valley trade show video

Want some examples?

Here are some examples of the Silicon Valley trade show videos we recently produced for a long-time Santa Clara client…

If you want to experience the efficiency of Silicon Valley trade show videos for yourself, let’s talk. It doesn’t have to be high tech, either. Silicon Valley trade show videos are just one example of the way we can condense your message, whether it’s marketing, sales, communications, or training.

And of course, we don’t limit ourselves to just Silicon Valley. We’ve shot other trade show videos for use throughout the nation.

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Silicon Valley Video Production “Best of 2016” Thumbtack Award to Penrose Productions

Silicon Valley video production company Penrose Productions has once again been awarded the “Best of…” Award from Thumbtack, this time for 2016.

Thumbtack is a vendor-customer matching online service well known on the web.

This honor is another mountaintop experience for Penrose Productions as they keep on offering high quality Silicon Valley video production to clients. Penrose Productions keeps on racking up their many other video production awards.

Everyone knows that the key to thriving business communication and marketing these days is web video.

Now is the time for online video, whether internally or externally oriented, Penrose Productions is capable of meeting all your Silicon Valley video production needs.

Thumbtack best of 2016The Thumbtack Best of 2016 award is method for determining the best experts on this internet listing site who have earned great reviews from their clients, not just for Silicon Valley video production but throughout their service offerings. Penrose Productions earned this award as a result of the overwhelming votes of confidence from many customers. Penrose Productions received stacks of actual Thumbtack client reviews, all of which were perfect 5 stars.

The 2016 awards went to experts from a varied selection of backgrounds. 40 percent of the awards went to home service experts, while 30 percent are events experts. 40% of the awards come from the eastern part of the country and 30% are from the western part. 60% of the winners have been on Thumbtack for one to two years.

Penrose Productions has been in business for nearly 35 years.

The dedication of Penrose Productions to work done well without excuses has earned them a well-deserved status of excellence among Silicon Valley videographers. In the area of video production, no other firm can match their work. From videography, lighting, audio to editing, Penrose Productions ensures that their customers are happy with their final video — in fact the company guarantees their work. They are professional and easy to work with and most of all, they know how to treat their clients well.

Penrose Productions is able to do  exactly what the customer wants regardless of their budget and time constraints. Throughout the proces Penrose Productions has an amazing ability to create an effective video. They make sure that each customer feels comfortable in front of the camera or behind it.

For those looking for a Silicon Valley video production company that esamines their plans from a client perspective, Penrose Producitons is the answer,

Penrose is your top Silicon Valley video production company as their perfect 5-star ratings attest, The company exceeds their client objectives, even as they focus on their target audience. It’s hard to imaging a Silicon Valley video production client that can not benefit from Penrose Productions’ video services.

This Silicon Valley video production company has been meetiong the marketing, video and communication needs of organizations the Silicon Valley and all over the world for nearly 35 years.

The company excels in all fields of video production. With their decades of experience and full refund assurance, it’s not a surprise that Penrose Productions earned the Coveted Thumbtack “Best of” Award of 2016.

Silicon Valley Video Production Thumbtack “Best of 2015” Award Goes to Penrose Productions

Silicon Valley video production company Penrose Productions has been awarded one of the first ever “Best of 2015” Awards from Thumbtack.

Thumbtack is a listing website online which connects service providers, organizations and businesses with their clients.

This award is another high point to Penrose Productions to keep on offering high quality Silicon Valley video production to clients both here and throughout the world. Penrose Productions adds this to many other video production awards.

Everybody knows that the key to thriving business communication and marketing at this point in time is web videos.

So now is the time for online video.Whether internally or externally communicated, Penrose Productions can meet all your needs for Silicon Valley video production.

best of thumbtack 2015The Thumbtack Best of 2015 award is a way to determine the top experts on this online listing site who have earned remarkable reviews from their clients, not just for Silicon Valley video production but throughout their service area. Penrose Productions grabbed this award due to the terrific votes of confidence from many clients. Penrose Productions received eight real Thumbtack client reviews, all of which were perfect 5 stars.

The 2015 winners include experts from a wide selection of backgrounds. Forty percent of the awards are home service experts, while thirty percent are events experts. Forty percent of the awards are from the eastern part of the US and 30 percent are from the western part and sixty percent of the winners have been on Thumbtack for one to two years.

Penrose Productions has been in business for 34 years now.

Their dedication to remarkable work done right without excuses has earned company a well-deserved status of excellence among Silicon Valley video production companies. When it comes to video production, no other company can exceed or meet their work. From camera work and lighting to post production, Penrose Productions ensures that their clients are satisfied with their final video — in fact they guarantee it. They are professional and friendly and most of all, know how to deal with their clients well.

Penrose is capable of doing precisely what the customer wants regardless of the budget and time limitations. From an array of actors/characters to the final edit, Penrose Productions has a unique ability to translate it into an effective video. They make sure that each client feels at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. Their skill and knowledge in directing professional talent is apparent in the end product.

For those who want a Silicon Valley video production company that looks at their plans from their perspective,

Penrose is your best best, as the perfect 5-star awards for them attests, The company meets the client objectives and concentrates on their target audience. Virtually any Silicon Valley video production clients can benefit from Penrose Productions’ video services.

The company has been serving the marketing, video and communication needs of organizations and companies in Northern California and all over the world for over 3 decades. The company works in all fields of video production. With decades of skills and experience, full refund assurance and remarkable track record, it’s not surprising that the company got the Coveted Thumbtack “Best of” Award of 2015. You will never go wrong once you consider this award-winning Silicon V alley video production company to do your business video production.

San Jose Video Production Client Referral

A San Jose Video Production customer of ours returns after several years and recommends us for work with her new company.

We didn’t get to be the leading video production company in San Jose and Silicon Valley by disappointing our clients. With our 32 years of experience producing video for business and organizational clients we take pride in our delivery of great video work in all fields with speed, quality, effectiveness and efficiency.

As a result, our clients have give us a 100% satisfaction rating for our Silicon Valley/San Jose video production work.

In this survey, conducted by an independent auditing agency making blind calls, when our clients were asked if they needed the services of a Silicon Valley/San Jose video production company in the future, would they call or recommend Penrose Productions. They all said “YES”.

This has been a result of over three decades cultivating our reputation for great work and service.

Over the years, our Silicon Valley/San Jose video production company has focused on becoming a real partner with each of our clients to bring success to their video productions. From the beginning of the process we establish production goals so that they will meet and exceed the client’s requirements of:

  • the intended audience
  • what the video production should accomplish
  • how it will work with other aspects of the project 
  • how it will be implemented.

Yet despite our stellar track record, we are always pleasantly surprised when clients from “back in the day” look us up to give us more video production business, or a referral to do so.

This has happened lots recently and just again this last week.

One customer with whom we did dozens of San Jose video productions at her previous company has contacted us again in her new position. Her new company is one of the largest in Silicon Valley. The company has a large San Jose video production department, but using them is a lengthy process. And since she

san jose video production needed to move NOW, she knew just who to call. So she joins the ranks of a half dozen customers who just this calendar year have hired us again despite having moved on to other positions and to other employers.

Naturally we’re delighted for the big vote of confidence.

We also are excited about the opportunities to renew our working relationship with those clients. In many cases we worked countless hours on projects with these folks and have really bonded with them.

We started in video production when it was a fledgling business. It has always been our goal to develop lasting relationships with superior service for these clients, and our track record and many video production testimonials have helped us meet this goal.

And we are confident that future clients will not only be satisfied with the results and service we give them, but will be referring us as well.

In the words of Henry Ford, “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”


Professional Video: Do Not Try this at Home (or Work)

Professional video production doesn’t require lots of great video gear. But it helps.

When a company wants to put forth it’s best image, it’s no secret that a professional video production will help. As we’ve commented before, professional video is becoming a much greater factor in not just communicating your message, but getting your business found in the first place.

Back in 1981, we began our professional video production business and the list of equipment to accumulate was daunting, to say the least. Cameras were extremely heavy and were never built together with a recorder. This trend did not really reverse itself until about 10 years ago. In this picture from 2004, you can see us on a shoot in China using our large broadcast quality camera. The thick (somewhat twisted) cord in the lower left connects the professional video camera to a recorder, which is out of frame. The cameras seemed to weigh a ton too. 🙁

professional video

These days, cameras are becoming smaller, lighter and more compact. The recorder (whether it is in digital format or to tape) is now almost always included in the camcorder unit. And even as these professional video camcorders become tinier, they actually put out quality that is superior to that given by the cameras for which we spent 10 times as much almost 30 years ago. Even an iPhone can produce vastly superior quality to that we got in the 1980s.

Obviously, for truly professional video images it’s not the camera, but the person behind the camera that matters.

small video cameraThe tendency today is to simply whip out the camcorder and shoot, and this is reinforced by:

  • a YouTube culture that values and rewards quantity over quality, and
  • excellent quality video even becoming available on iPhones and Android devices.

But when it comes to your company image, you need real professional video services.

In addition to the knowledge and experience that comes with a professional video production company like ours, we bring a wide variety of equipment and personnel to the shoot to make the video look and sound as good as possible. Because of this additional gear, we don’t travel light, as you can see from this behind the scenes look at a professional Silicon Valley video shoot used for training.

professional video shootWe like to think that our professional videos are like just about any other professional service. You need several components to make your video a success:

  • know-how
  • experience
  • the right equipment

If you’re missing any or all of these, you’re missing your chance to create a favorable impression for your company. Call the pros at Penrose Productions.


Silicon Valley Video: Another Past Client Calls on Penrose

We’ve Recently Produced a Silicon Valley Video for a Client Who Found Us After 20 Years.

As we reported earlier this summer, we had a Silicon valley video production client come back to us after not doing video for 20 years. We’re proud to say that it’s happened again.

A couple of weeks ago, lightning struck a second time and we were called upon by a past (and now current) Silicon Valley video production client. The client had moved on to another firm (or two or three) in the meantime and he remembered us.  But this time they were in a rush.

Judging by their past history as our Silicon Valley video production client, they knew who to call.

sillicon valley video shootThe task was to shoot, edit and output the product video in less than a week. This included narration in both English and Mandarin. Despite the tight deadline of a week, we were able to do the complete production within that time frame. Here we are on location at the client’s office.

So you want to know about the product? Sorry, we’re under NDA and the video was delivered for the client on the web and as a DVD. The company has already featured the video in their booth in Chna.

So if you need a video fast, if you need it good and you want someone to keep your company information to themselves, you’ve come to the right place.

Penrose Productions is the leader of Silicon Valley video production – call today at 650-969-8273

Posted 10/22/13

Video Production the Fun Way

We Love a Video Production That Inspires Us to Get Creative.

We’ve done an awful lot of video productions in our 30+ years in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As with any job or profession, the work varies from the mundane to the truly exciting. And like others we revel in the opportunity to do a video production that is flat out fun — and get paid to do it

We’ve done lots of video productions over the years, but the trend for quite a while has been away from that as companies feel they can’t afford to appear frivolous.

We just put the finishing touches on the first edit of a marketing video for Abbey Carpets/Blossom Valley Interiors in San Jose.

Owner Steve Delamore is one of those business owners that is truly marketing-focused and he realizes the need to do videos as part of his marketing mix. And we love how he lets us get creative with the vision.

In this particular case Steve wanted to highlight the opening of the new Karndean Design Center in his store. His store is the only one in Santa Clara County where such a center exists, and his goal is to use it as a great competitive advantage.

He actually had to close his store for a week to install the design center and when he told us that he was going to do so, we suggested that we create a video production around it. We further helped him find a video camera that shoots at a very low frame rate, so that when the video is played back at normal speed everything is in fast motion.

We suggested that he set up the camera in a fixed location in the store and keep it running during the installation.

Steve did that and got some very cool video footage of the installers and workers scurrying around.

Watching the fast motion inspired us to create a script done in the style of an old time silent movie, complete with black and white footage, film scratches, title cards and piano music in the background.

Steve approved and embraced the video production concept wholeheartedly.

Here is the finished video:

Fun and creative video production projects like this one are too few and far between, but they serve as a source for great satisfaction and inspiration when they come along.

And we’re always going to be on the lookout for more.



8 Ways to Doom Your Corporate Video Production – Conclusion

Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Video Production – Conclusion

With video production as with all things, the motto is “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well” And this applies to your video productions.  But there are times when a large full scale production is not warranted.  Fortunately, it is no longer a matter of all or nothing when it comes to bringing professional production values to your work. 

You do not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a video production.

inexpensive video production

It surprises many people that are considering a video production that there is an efficient middle ground that can be used.  This can be a tremendous cost saver.  This includes hiring one or more professionals to assist.  This could be:

  • ·        a producer/director to oversee your production,
  • ·        a lighting director with equipment,
  • ·        a teleprompter operator with equipment,
  • ·        a make-up artist to make your executive look “just right”
  • ·        an editor to bring together the footage you’ve shot into a crisp, effective program,
  • ·        a graphic artist or animator to punch up your graphics,
  • ·        a duplication facility to make mass quantities of your videotape, DVD or CD

Through the use of experienced professionals in some or all areas of your next production, you can ensure that you create a program that meets your objectives in an efficient and effective way.