City of Redwood City, CA

I wanted to take a moment to thank the staff of Penrose Productions for the wonderful effort you all put forth in our bid to be an All-American City.
Penrose Productions did a wonderful job in putting together what literally was the best video presented at the All-America City competition in Tampa, Florida. There was not a person in the audience that day that walked out of that conference room without a tear in their eye. Numerous delegates came up to our delegation to acknowledge the powerful impact that our presentation and video had on the audience and the jury members.

I can sincerely say that we would not have had such a positive impact had it not been for the knowledgeable, professional and caring staff of Penrose Productions.

Throughout the development of our video, you kept us on track and focused. You were always clear on what the goal of our presentation was, even though many times we lost sight of the goal ourselves. The result was a professional video that clearly communicated the human and emotional successes of our programs.