Southwall Technologies

Two years ago we struggled to provide adequate installation training to our one hundred (100) North American dealers. This resulted in credits to their accounts in the amount of $40,000. We had to act quickly to correct this situation as we were simultaneously damaging our potential for profit as well as the market value of our product and its trademark.
We worked with Penrose to create an effective, twenty minute instructional video which we hoped would alleviate the problem by having the installers of the SOLIS film watch the video with their managers.

To say that this was a successful undertaking would be a bit of an understatement. In the year that followed, credits passed for improperly installed SOLIS were only $4,000!! A magnitude 10X reduction in cost!! … the dealers all told us that the instructional video was the single largest factor in their improved performance on the job site.

I’m sure you regularly get letters telling you what a pleasure it is to work with you, … but I wanted to let you know about the actual value that we received from the time and money that we invested. Good work, Penrose!