Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions 6/5/18

Which Social Platform is Best for your business Video Campaign? Read this week’s  “Video Marketing Weekly” to find out.

Video CampaignThis week the Video Marketing Weekly shows how will you get you the best results from your next video campaign with social media. If you interested in video campaign with social media can learn a lot from the various posts and articles in this edition.

The lead article this week is titled “Which Social Platform Is Right for Your Next Video Campaign?”

There are many social media platforms for video campaigns. There is YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and hundreds more. Which one is best platform for you?

The lead article in the week’s Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions gives hints on how to evaluate these various platforms. In this article, there is a comparative analysis that helps you to make the platform decision to help increase your traffic and visibility. This includes the acquisition of new viewers and as well as retargeting previous viewers.

The Way to Get the Best ROI.

There are some interesting studies from Internet Retailer about online video viewers. 85% are more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video. And 52% of consumers agree that watching product videos makes them more confident in their online purchase decisions.

So, if you want to gain a lot of traffic and visibility from your potential customers, you face a decision. You need to focus on the one out of five social media platforms that yields 80 percent of the results for your product or service. Be sure to read the article to find out more.

There are several other excellent articles in this edition of the Video Marketing Weekly.

So please be sure to look them over. There are many helpful hints and tips contained in there. And it’s free.

Are you ready to start video marketing for your business?

If you are worried about which social media platform is suitable for your video campaign, we would be delighted to help you figure that out. We will put our more than 3 decades of video production and video marketing expertise to work for you so that your videos are on the right platform.

We have lots of practical expertise in assisting companies in creating just the right approach and get them in those video campaigns to achieve their goals. Our experience in both video production and the business world has advanced our ability to accomplish this. As a result, as experts in aiding businesses that want to aim in the right direction for their video marketing efforts, we should be your first call.

So for support with your video marketing — and to identify your target viewers for your video content marketing — call us at Penrose Productions: 650-969-8273.

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