Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions 10/24/17

Digital video marketing is the lead top in this week’s Video Marketing Weekly.

digital video marketingIn this week’s stack of articles, we’re highlighting one on digital video marketing.

Digital Video Marketing is gaining in importance as traditional advertising methods fade away. Digital Video Marketing will certainly help target your message and bring about the desired action from your intended clients.

The lead article is titled “Digital Video Marketing Is A $135 Billion Industry In The U.S. Alone, Study Finds”

This report says “Done correctly, video has the scale of television, the precision of digital marketing and the power of authentic story.”As businesses discover more impressive techniques to attract audiences, digital video marketing has become a significant component.

Therefore, having an effective Digital Video Marketing plan, we can help immensely by guiding you through the process.

For over three decades of producing business videos we have lots of expertise in helping companies develop the right technique to attract their target audience. Our experience in both video and business has advanced our knowledge base greatly. We are in a unique position to help businesses direct their video marketing efforts.

We have nurtured our business goal of sharing our many hard-won lessons in video producing and advertising to benefit firms in a huge variety of verticals.

So please allow us the opportunity of sharing how we could be of help.

We’ve gathered lots of helpful write-ups in this version of the Video Marketing Weekly. So be certain to look them over. There are lots of useful suggestions therein.

Finally, for assistance with your video marketing strategy– and to obtain moved in the perfect direction– call us at Penrose Productions: 650-969-8273


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