Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions 1/24/17

Here’s this week’s edition of Video Marketing Weekly.

We’ve assembled many articles from around the internet from the past week. Folks are cranking up the dialogue for an exciting year of video marketing. 2017 will be showing lots of new innovations in the field.

artificial intelligenceOn that topic, the lead article for this week’s compilation of articles from around the web is one from MarTech Advisor titled “How Marketers Can Use Experiential AI to Jump Start Video Marketing.” The article begins at a very high level and identifies for example, Saas from Magisto,is a good one and comments that the new platform “uses artificial intelligence to help drive the transition from traditional marketing creative to digital-first, mobile video marketing for businesses of all sizes.”

This certainly only scratches the surface of using AI for video marketing.

Not only will it speed the video creation process but be extremely useful in tracking, serving, and increasing ROI.

But please read over and the various articles and see what you think.

Let us know. We would love to get your opinion on any of the articles curated in this week’s edition. And if we can help you in any way with you video marketing, just give us a call.

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