Video Marketing Weekly from Penrose Productions 2/14/17

Here’s new video research in the brand new edition of our Video Marketing Weekly.

video marketing weeklyThe internet is a never-ending source of informative material, so like we do every week, we’ve rounded up these articles, blog posts, etc. from the prior week on the topic of video marketing. And since the use of videos for marketing in business is climbing to an all time high in 2017, we have lots from which to choose. This week, the lead article from our compilation is titled “New Research Shows Video Is the New Blogging.” Read about how the authors did video research that shows companies are using videos for marketing at an increasing rate. Never before have we seen such active use of video in business, and it’s coming at the expensive of blog posts and other written content.

The article shares video research that indicates not only an increasing rate of videos used in marketing, but they are being made shorter as well.

We wrote about this phenomenon in our video marketing blog post of July 7, 2016. In a nutshell, video research shows that viewers lose interest in a video after 2 minutes.

Please be sure to look over this article and the many other articles from the past week and let us know your opinion.

There are several other articles listed that can help with your strategy and tactics for using video marketing in your business. Please let us know your opinion on any of the articles gathered in this week’s edition, including the video research involved. And as always, if we can help you in any way with your online video marketing, just give us a call.

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