Business Video Production Quality is Critical Says a New Study

Business video production has been our specialty since 1981, and we’ve always insisted that quality was key.

Now a new study helps confirm our long-held belief that companies need video production quality to convey a positive image of themselves, products and/or services. This video production study surveyed 1200 customers to test their attitudes about how business video production quality effects their buying decision. According the the survey “those surveyed were also 62% more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that published a poor-quality video.”

This has tremendous implications for those that create or contract for business video production services.

Clearly if a company wants to be perceived positively by their potential customers they should produce business video productions with the highest quality that they can afford. Not only are customers less likely to turn away from the video or click away, they can actually be engaged and continue to watch, to and through the call to action.

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But there are several mistakes that must be avoided, even when the budget is low.

We blogged about these errors years ago in a series on business video production errors, which goes into depth about the mistakes that are made in business video production and how to avoid them. They range from pre-production through audio and video production.

We take issue with another conclusion of the study, however.

In the study the authors criticize YouTube videos because of their tendency to not fully load, or buffer. They quote viewers who say they are likely to click away to another video or another section of the webpage.

First, we don’t feel that the problem is that serious. YouTube continues to improve its algorithm which will only make their videos easier and easier to see. Further, on the receiving end, viewers connections are getting faster and faster, also minimizing the issue.

Another fact that needs consideration is that the company that commissioned the study is in the business of providing a high speed video distribution platform. They are trying to get business video productions to use their engines, so it’s in their interest to suck content producers and companies away from YouTube.

Another thought… if the connection speed from YouTube is an issue, it should apply pretty much evenly to all videos that the viewer might watch.

We’ve also discussed many times in this blog that there are many benefits from posting business video productions on YouTube.

Chief among these are the importance of YouTube as a method of gaining high search engine rankings.

Because Google owns YouTube, it gives greater preference to YouTube videos in its search engine results.

The wise business owner will not neglect this fact when creating business video productions to get found in Google. The answer: hire video production pros who can create great videos and optimize them for the search engines. And hire those pros that specialize in business video productions.

Of course, we think those “video production pros” means Penrose Productions.

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  1. sarah evanston
    sarah evanston says:

    Low budget videos don’t have to be all bad, the producers just need to take the time to be creative. Still, I prefer a high production value video over anything else. If someone is trying to get their point across and their business depends on it, why not spend the money.


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