Video Shooting In a Challenging Conference Room – Part 2

Challenging Conference Room Video Shooting – part 2

This is part 2 of a particular on location video shooting problem. Check out our first post about the video shooting issue we had to deal with.

To continue sharing about this video shooting issue, we were stuck with a conference room with no usable walls for backgrounds, so we came up with the idea of using a wall with whiteboards as the backdrop.  Here’s our work in progress. 

We decided to go with a 3 point lighting setup since there was only one subject on camera. In this video shooting setup, from right to left, we first see the key light up as a soft light.  It’s flagged so that we don’t get too much spill on the background, which would reflect big time.  The backlight is high above in the center, ready to provide a rim light for the hair and shoulders of the interview subject.  On the left Greg is setting up the side light.

The conversation you hear in the background is the reporter and client interviewee going over the topics to be discussed.

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