Video Shooting In a Challenging Conference Room – Part 3

Challenging Conference Room Video Shoot – How It Turned Out

The key to getting a decent backdrop on this video shoot was getting the client to write flow charts and diagrams about the subject matter on the whiteboard behind him. We made sure to shoot the video at an angle to the whiteboard and not get light on it, so we didn’t have the usual glare we would otherwise have. To make this work, we had to have the interviewer and client stand up, rather than the traditional sit-down interview, but they were willing to take one for the team.

Using our footage, the final interview was edited by the reporter and the final results of this video shoot can be seen on the USA Today site.

P.S. The info in the interview about malware was VERY scary.

P.P.S. The camera I shot with here for this video shoot blog post was just a little consumer point-and-shoot still camera that has video capabilities — NOT what we shoot with for clients. 🙂

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