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Web Videos: How to Download and Convert Them for Free

free web video downloadsWeb videos are the fastest growing part of the internet today. A Cisco executive had predicted that 90% of all traffic on the internet would be video by 2013. Seems like he is a bit premature, but that day is fast approaching.

One of the problems with web videos is that they are read-only and non-portable. That is, you can only watch what is up on YouTube and other platforms off the original posting. This requires an internet connection, of course.

But now, things have changed. Downloading a web video from YouTube for later viewing or for use in a presentation is no longer the challenge it used to be.

You’d think that downloading web videos would be easy, but it is not. YouTube doesn’t allow downloading and neither do most other sites. To counteract that, you have to spend lots of time and energy searching for a way to do it. Now we’ve got a way, thanks to the folks at KeepVid. And not only can YouTube videos be downloaded, but they can be converted so that they can be used in other software or on other devices.

The PC and Mac versions are available for free on a trial basis. An upgraded version is necessary to download videos from web video sites after it expires. But it’s sure worth a look.

Detailed instructions are on the site for downloading and converting those YouTube videos.

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