YouTube Marketing Videos for STMicroelectronics

YouTube Marketing to the max with the folks at STMicro.

When we see our videos being used heavily in YouTube marketing it truly gives us a warm tingly feel up our leg (with apologies to Chris Mathews). And that’s exactly what happened with the recent shoot and edit we did for STMicroelectronics at their recent Developers Conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

During the conference we had multiple crews traveling around to capture interviews, demonstrations and presentations as arranged by the client. The folks with STMicro were a joy to work with as they were extremely organized and very helpful in capturing the important parts of the conference.

YouTube marketing

Creating a series of videos for YouTube and other purposes was the goal for capturing the various aspects of the conference so thoroughly.

As our crews worked seamlessly (but on a tight schedule) they floated from one event or presentation to another in order to meet the need of our client for their YouTube marketing needs.

Here are a few of the efforts that currently reside on the STMicro YouTube channel as a result of our efforts:

From an efficiency point of view for their YouTube marketing, the strategy was brilliant.

Because they had the many presenters available in one place at one time, their YouTube marketing efforts were maximized for the dollar.

Stay tuned for more videos used in YouTube marketing…


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