Announcing 50% Off on No-Touch Video Productions

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  • 20 May
  • 2020

Announcing 50% Off on No-Touch Video Productions

Video production in the era of the Coronavirus does not need to come to a standstill. And to prove it, we’re offering half off the price of our no-touch video production packages.

Ordinarily, in order to have a great HD video produced for businesses, we dispatch our crew to the business site in order to capture the video and audio necessary. Then we bring the footage back to our editing bay to apply the final touches. But with everyone still urged to shelter-in-place, this seems like an impossible task.

We have the solution, by using our remote video services.

And we don’t mean recording a Zoom call of Webex meeting. The quality of the camera and/or connection is not nearly good enough to present the professional image your business or organization deserves.

The key to the quality of the video is that we can use the excellent camera quality on your smartphone to record video, and once it is captured there, the footage is automatically uploaded to us for editing after the filming is done.

And we’re with you remotely to direct – therefore it’s a no-touch system.

Check out our earlier blog post that describes in more detail the way it’s done.

Here’s your chance to take advantage of an inherently less expensive video production technique since we do not need to send a video production crew out to your location. But it gets even better than that.

For a limited time, we’re offering a 50% discount on your first on-touch HD video from Penrose Productions.

Just take a look at these examples of videos produced using this system:

We can produce these videos just about anywhere in the US. Contact us today to see how inexpensive and effective this remote video system can be. Call Penrose Productions at 650-969-8273.