When buying products and services for the first time, consumers usually check their reviews before making a decision. If those past purchase reviews are positive, they are quite likely to buy the product or use the service they are researching. However, reviews can only take you so far. If you’re looking to really make the most of past clients’ experiences with your products or service, you need to start producing and sharing testimonial videos.

Testimonial videos are videos created that feature complimentary reviews from a business’s satisfied clients. Creating testimonial videos from happy customers gives your company’s marketing efforts a real boost. Instead of a scripted sales message being delivered on a video, brochure, or website, this showcases an unbiased view from a neutral third party. This means the message has greater credibility. Moreover, the true emotions of the satisfied client can be experienced through these videos.

Testimonial videos can benefit any organization that is trying to get more business, revenue, donations, etc. Testimonial videos typically depict the advantages or solutions received by clients. If you’re looking to boost donations for a charity, you can use testimonial videos of people who have benefited from the charity’s past activities.

As you can see, testimonial videos have many purposes and can be very useful in deriving the desired results. Just remember when creating these testimonial videos, you must use the services of reliable video professionals.

A professionally produced testimonial video will effectively capitalize on the emotional aspects of the testimony, the solution provided by your establishment, and will effectively portray a call to action.

For reliable video production professionals to help you with your testimonial video needs, reach out to Penrose Productions. For a relatively modest cost, we can create testimonial videos that will make a credible message that brings a positive return on investment. Our testimonial videos start at just $895, complete. Our goal is to make your testimonial video an investment and a resource that allows you to boost awareness and sales. Here is an example of a simple, straightforward testimonial done at a minimal cost.

If you find testimonial videos too expensive, you always have the option of curating reviews from different platforms onto your website or in your marketing efforts. But it would not have nearly the impact of a professionally produced video testimonial. Plus, people like to watch videos these days, more than reading about other people’s experiences.

At Penrose Productions, we produce testimonial content based on the platform you plan to promote it on, for example, YouTube, Facebook, your company website, email campaigns, etc. That way, it suits your target audiences’ preference in terms of duration and engagement.

For more information about our testimonial video services, give us a call at (650) 969-8273, and we’ll be happy to talk about the possibilities available to you. If you like, we can shoot the testimonial ourselves in Northern California (or worldwide) or we can arrange for a camera crew to shoot elsewhere to avoid paying us travel costs. We can also direct the shoot remotely using a proprietary app that will deliver HD video. In all cases, we would take the footage and edit it here in our studio to ensure you top quality results.

Besides testimonial content, we also specialize in other video productions. As a leading video production company in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, we deliver exceptional content for a broad range of requirements and bring a memorable video production experience to our clients. We’ve been in business for over thirty-five years and have an award-winning track record. Additionally, if you aren’t happy with our services, we guarantee a full refund of our service charges.

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