As an award-winning commercial and corporate video production company in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, we have maintained a favorable reputation for delivering affordable and consistent quality video production services as well as excellent customer service.

Having been in this field of business for nearly four decades, we often come across clients who are looking for engaging videos on a small budget. During such times, it is our expertise, innovative thinking, and results-driven marketing strategies that allow us to produce top-notch videos that match our client’s expectations and budget.

Keep reading to learn about how we created a stellar video for a client with a limited budget.

The Challenge: A self-publisher with a limited budget needed a compelling video for his website.  

We were recently approached by GM Books, a highly-regarded book publisher in California that helps people self-publish their books. They reached out to us as they needed a better video for their new website. They had published another video that had a pretty good script, but it was far too long. Also, 90% of the visuals were merely pictures of the covers of the books that they had published.

They uploaded that video on their Youtube channel in 2019, however, it did not generate any engagement due to the length and boring parade of book covers during the video.

The client asked us to create something much more compelling and engaging than their previous video. The challenge was that the client had a limited budget, so we did not have too many options. Nevertheless, we were determined to use our creativity and expertise to create an exceptional quality video, one that our client would be proud to publish on their website.

The Solution: Adding graphics, stock footage, and other elements. 

The main reason the video was so long was because it had a narrator that delivered way too much information. We had to cut back the narration significantly to fit the shorter attention span of today’s viewers. We also designed and added graphics and text to underscore the points made by the narrator.

To combat the boredom of the visuals, we used stock footage that portrayed what the narrator was saying – i.e., printing presses, authors at work on a laptop, etc. And using stock footage would save us (and the client’s budget) from having to go re-shoot more video footage. The limited budget of our client meant that we could not shoot more video to liven up the video, hence the stock footage.

It took us about ten days to complete the video, from our first discussion until the final delivery of the edited video. Our client, William Dorich (Publisher and President of GM Books), was thrilled with the end result and gave us a 5-star review. It said:

“My introduction to Penrose Productions was what could be considered Internet Rolette. As a publisher for thirty-four years, I know plenty of graphic artists but no video designers. So, I took a morning off, picked a half dozen video marketing firms in the country by only looking at their years of experience. I selected Jim Penrose because he has been in business longer than GM Books and I place a lot of value on survival skills first, then what example of their work I saw, second. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I made in 2020. Within a week, I saw Jim’s first cut and it was so good I was afraid to make any changes. In the end, I added an image and changed a few words in the dialogue, just to feel like I made a contribution. Are we pleased? All of us at GM Books, including our clients, have given Penrose Productions a standing ovation.”

Curious to find out how the video turned out? Click here to view our video in full screen. Alternatively, if you want to watch the old video published on their YouTube channel, click here.

The Bottom Line

As a leading video production company in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, at Penrose Productions, we take pride in delivering quality video content and unmatched customer service at an affordable rate.

With nearly forty thirty-five years of production experience and an award-winning track record, we guarantee our work will exceed your expectations, fit your budget, and meet your bottom-line goals. In case you are unsatisfied with our work and feel like we did not provide you with a worthwhile return on investment, you do not need to pay! We are confident in our work and therefore offer our clients a unique full-refund guarantee.

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