How to Do Quality HD Video While Sheltered In-place

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  • 15 Apr
  • 2020

How to Do Quality HD Video While Sheltered In-place

Sheltered in place due to the Corona Virus Shutdown?

You’re probably thinking that quality video production is out of the question until things get back to normal, right?

However, just because businesses and individuals deemed “non-essential” are stuck at home, that does NOT mean that your business video marketing has to come to a standstill.

You are probably using Zoom or Webex or another platform to communicate among employees, team members, and so on. And while that is helpful for keeping open the lines of communication, it does little to help you market your business. Zoom is great to see each other, share ideas and even your screen, but it does not provide high-quality video worthy of your external company image.

Haven’t we all been frustrated when the screen freezes or we lose connection with Zoom?

This is especially problematic when the internet is strained with countless people working from home, doing their schooling and talking with relatives. We just can not rely on a consistent connection – or video quality – with Zoom or Webex.

Fortunately, we use a video platform that allows remote video production at your home or office, and we do not need to send out a video crew. We all have to keep practicing social distancing, and this is a great solution for producing videos without coming into physical contact or proximity with one another.

The key to the quality of the video is that we can use the excellent camera quality on your smartphone to record video, and once it is captured there, the footage is uploaded to us for editing after the filming is done.

The standard or below-average quality of internet cameras is more than adequate for us to serve as your professional video directors, and we can guide you through the shoot remotely.

What about audio? Let’s face it, the quality of cell phone audio is not good enough to make a first-rate HD video worthy of your company’s image. So we send a microphone to you, which will record much better audio quality.

As with all other video productions, the editing takes place in our edit suite, where we can add graphics, music, narration, etc. to make your video look and sound like the pros you are.

We have partnered with OpenReel to use their platform to make this professional HD video production process work for you. Here are some examples of OpenReel video productions done using the platform:

So don’t give up on your video marketing campaigns just because we are all hunkered down.

Technology has given us the ability to create professional-looking high-quality HD videos for your business without ever setting foot in your offices or facility.

Give us a call, and we’ll share more about how Penrose Productions can help you navigate the Great Coronavirus Shutdown of 2020.

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