Video editing is a timely topic gaining notoriety worldwide because of the growing need for video content in marketing. As marketing strategies have shifted from photo content to video content, the need for extraordinary video is larger than before. Due to the higher preference for video, it is the best instrument for the advancement of business endeavors today, and to align your videos with your business standards, skillful editing is the key. For this, you will need good editing skills, software, and experience, which can be availed of through professional editing services.

However, the cost of getting your corporate videos professionally edited can get pretty expensive, as a lot of time and effort goes into this stage of production. Fortunately, you’ll be happy to know that there is a way around the substantial prices. To bring down the cost of video editing to around $500 to $2500, you must understand what factors contribute to the cost of this service and identify different ways to bring them down. To help you out, Penrose Productions has put together a few tips on how to get your corporate video professionally edited on a budget. Keep reading to know what you can do to save money while having your video project professionally edited.

Log your video
After you have shot your video, and before turning your footage over to us for editing, review the video you have shot and log it. It can be impractical to remember exactly where each shot is on each source tape or source file. Finding a particular source shot by searching through hours of video during editing can be time-consuming and tie up expensive editing equipment and our editor’s time. To avoid this, use the time counter on your video camera or video file to note the time and any information about that segment of the video. You may mark it as “footage of the CEO,” “good shot of the assembly line,” “do not use,” “make sure to include this,” etc.

Upload raw footage to a file sharing service
After you have gone through your video footage and made notes about certain parts of the video, it is now time to upload the footage to Dropbox, Hightail, or some other file-sharing service. These file-sharing services help you share big files easily and quickly and store them in the cloud and collaborate with other people. An online file transfer tool can be sent to as many recipients as you wish at once without any extra effort and less cost.

Send detailed notes
Send us your notes that were created in step number one. Be sure to emphasize the shots that you know should be used or those that should be excluded by adding descriptive comments to clips that may be helpful to our editors using your log files to recapture your project in the future when video compression standards improve.

Get the footage evaluated
At Penrose Productions, our editors will evaluate your footage and establish a flow for creating the professional edit. We will use our expertise and decades of video experience to correctly sequence and time the footage to tell a high-impact story. By having a professionally edited video, your organization or company improves its image, increases engagement, and lifts sales. We are committed to editing your video until we meet your bottom-line goals because we know how video content can affect your business.

Provide feedback
Once we are done editing, we will upload the finished edit to YouTube and mark it “unlisted” so you and other stakeholders can review it. Get back to us with any corrections or questions you may have, and we will re-edit the content. You can either request changes during this stage or accept the content as is. If you feel like a specific part of the video can be improved, make sure that you are vocal about your expectations, or else it will cost you money in the future to make changes to your video or create a brand new one. Repeat this process until you’re satisfied with the final product.

Where will you spend the most and the least when we edit your videos?  
Most of your budget will go towards the video editing time. We use AVID editing software, the standard of the broadcast industry. This makes the edit go quickly, minimizing the number of hours spent on editing. We also have extensive music and stock footage libraries to make the video more professional, so we do not need to shoot additional footage or have custom music composed and recorded. We work with you to design and create a video production that meets your needs at affordable rates. Be sure to consult with us before you shoot the video so that we can give you pointers and inputs on the best ways to go about your editing. Or if you’d rather, you can also pay us to go out and do the video recording.

For more tips and assistance on how to get your corporate video professionally edited on a budget, reach out to the experts at Penrose Productions. Established in 1981 by Jim Penrose, we bring decades of experience to help businesses and organizations meet their communications goals. Through the years, we’ve had to adapt to new technologies and techniques. But the result is a track record of nearly 40 years providing satisfaction to a wide variety of clients. For more information about our services, please click here or get in touch with us by clicking here.