In recent years, with the development of streaming technology, the consumption of video content has increased drastically. This has not only revolutionized the marketing industry but has made a video a norm for business and brand promotions. Unfortunately, as video production can be an expensive proposition, several firms and individuals forfeit the benefits that they provide.

If you’ve also been discouraged by the cost of producing marketing videos, you’ll be happy to know that there is a way around their substantial prices. To bring down the cost of video production between $1000 to $2500, it’s essential to understand what adds to the cost of this service and identify different ways to bring them down. To give you an idea of how the video production process works and the best practices to save money, Penrose Productions has explained a few crucial video production steps. Keep reading to know what they are, and how to produce a high-quality business video on a budget.

Identify your market and your message
To produce a compelling business video, you need to pinpoint your target audience and determine what message you want to communicate to them. Based on these details, you will be able to target the efforts and resources required to engage your intended viewer.

Learn from other businesses
Another way to cut down on your expenses is to watch your competitors’ videos on YouTube and see what they are doing. You can pick different aspects that you want to emulate from the videos you view, especially if they will reduce your expenses. By this, we mean, consider videos that do not have actors or involve complex filming situations. You can then share the visual elements you like or the complete videos with us along with your suggestions so we can help you create a budget.

Prepare the first draft of your video script
Because nobody knows your particular business or organization as well as you do, we advise that you prepare the first draft of the script to jumpstart the process. You can start by writing the first draft of your script narration that describes what your product or service does, and how it will benefit the viewers.

Rework the script and combine it with video content
Once you’ve made the first draft of your script, hand it over to our team. You have probably written a script that sounds more like a brochure. Being the experts, we will rewrite your script (using our award-winning scripting team) and add descriptions or pictures of the video that will be seen for each given sentence or paragraph of narration. This might be stock video footage or pictures or videos of your product or service in action. The key is that we will match your spoken message with produce relevant visual content. In many instances, we can locate free stock footage to help minimize costs. Of course, we will return the script to you for your suggestions and/or approval.

Shoot the video
We will work with you to send out our crew if necessary and capture the footage needed to match the words of the script.

Provide feedback
After we’ve paired your script with the ideal images, and filmed a live video or gathered stock footage as necessary, we will edit the video and give it to you to review. You can either request changes during this stage or accept the content as is. If you feel like a specific part of the video can be improved, make sure that you are vocal about your expectations, or else it will cost you money in the future to make changes to your video or create a brand new one.

Publish your video
When you are satisfied with the video, the next step is to put it to use. Depending on your marketing plan, you can upload the video to your website or social media accounts and publicize what you stand for to existing and potential customers. Irrespective of which medium you post your video on, be sure to market the video to ensure maximum exposure.

Where will you be spending the most and the least when producing a video with us?
We usually offer our clients the option of using stock footage to save money while creating business videos. This makes your video production project primarily a scriptwriting and editing job as you lower or eliminate the cost and requirement of a video crew and custom filming. On account of this, your budget will stay low, and most of it will go towards finding and securing stock video footage and editing. The rest of your budget will be used to rework the script to ensure it matches the video perfectly.

For more tips and assistance on how to produce a business video on a budget, reach out to the experts at Penrose Productions. We are a full-service video production company with over thirty-five years of experience. We have an award-winning track record and a full refund guarantee available to all of our clients. Moreover, we take immense pride in our affordable and high-quality video production solutions as well as our customer service.

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