As a video marketing agency with over thirty-five years of experience, at Penrose Productions, we enjoy taking on challenging projects that allow us to experiment and go beyond our norm. We believe this is what keeps us at the forefront of the video production industry.

So when a client we had worked with in the past contacted us for a unique marketing video, we were thrilled. This was another opportunity for us to display our creativity and let our work do the talking. Keep reading to learn about how we helped a client market their augmented reality app.

The Challenge: Producing a video for a client that needed to explain and demonstrate their augmented reality app to their consumers.
We were once approached by the developer of “Out the Bottle,” which is the first augmented reality app created solely for the beverage market. The client wanted us to market their app in such a way that consumers would not only understand how to use their augmented reality app but also be intrigued enough to download and use the app. We had to find an innovative way to sufficiently explain and demonstrate the augmented reality app.

The Solution: Identifying a problem and how the augmented reality app solved it.  
The video called for an establishment of the problem first, and then it would be easier for us to explain how augmented reality solved it. In particular, because our client’s audience was winemakers and wineries that had to subscribe to the service to be included, we stated the problem to be the difficulty of getting noticed in a very crowded marketplace. It was our suggestion to shoot the video in the vineyards with a professional actress as the spokesperson who explained the concept. We included footage that not only showed the problem but demonstrated how the concept worked to solve it. We had to travel to a wine country to shoot the video as well as locally in stores to show the incredible number of wines on the shelf. All of this needed to be done on a tight budget as the app was a startup concept.

From the start (scripting, hiring talent, shooting, editing, and final production) to finish, the video took us three weeks to produce. The app developer, Jason Grossman, trusted us completely to develop the concept and bring it to fruition, as he had used us to shoot many videos for his other company over the last twenty years. Here’s his response to working with us: “I love working with professionals!”

To view the video we produced for Out the Bottle

The Bottom Line
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