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Penrose Productions has the distinction of being the dean of corporate videographers in the Cupertino area. We have been in business since 1981 and corporate clients in Cupertino and the surrounding area know that they can rely on our expertise, professionalism and courtesy. In fact, Penrose Productions is a ALL 5-star-reviewed Cupertino video production company with a 100% client satisfaction rating, as determined by an independent auditing agency.

Why is this important? In the world of the 2020s, videos are one of the most important and effective forms of digital marketing. We specialize in producing those all-important brand awareness videos, product demos, and communications videos so necessary for marketing today. Videos are a great medium to hold the viewer’s attention and deliver an impactful message.

For video production in Cupertino and the surrounding area, Penrose Productions is your go-to videographer. We excel in video production, pre-production, editing, video SEO and video marketing using web videos.

Why Choose Penrose Productions?

Prize-winning Performance History

Throughout the years we have had the opportunity to extend creatively, along with the area of organization communications. This has permitted us the privilege of creating videos that have won honors on both the local as well as national level.

35+ Years in Video Production

Penrose Productions was founded in 1981 when video was just reaching the consumer. The old format battles between VHS as well as Betamax are almost forgotten currently, but we are pioneers in the use of that format for video distribution. After that, we saw the advancement of our craft from those "old" video styles, through broadcast tape formats, DVDs and also currently internet streaming. Penrose Productions has been there every step of the way, serving as well as assisting our clients in their efforts to communicate with prospects, customers, staff members and other stakeholders.

Business-Oriented Method

Our company is distinct as it is the only Cupertino video production business established and also led by an MBA. Jim Penrose has actually integrated his prestigious business degree with experience in the art of corporate filmmaking to provide impactful as well as vital company interactions to our customers.

Video Production Assurance

Penrose Productions is the only video production business in California that ensures complete customer satisfaction. Because all of our video Cupertino productions are custom made, that is a large risk for us, but we feel confident that you will like your finished video. There are no limitations either, as our clients do not have to fulfill any type of conditions-- this is a 100% money-back guarantee

100% Satisfaction Ranking

An independent customer auditing company called our past clients and asked those people "If you were to do a company video production again, would you employ or suggest Penrose Productions?" 100% of the clients evaluated said YES!

Masters at Video SEO

What excellent is a fantastic video if it doesn't get seen by those in your desired audience? We understand that the video is not truly finished up until the viewer watches it and also responds favorably to the call to action. That is why we work so diligently to get your video onto the very first search page of Google, along with on top of the YouTube search rankings.

Ready for any type of task, Huge or Tiny

We have generated organization videos for companies as small as one-person stores or operations, to the largest companies in the world. We are ready to do as little or as much as you would like on your video task. So, for example, if you already have the video footage, we can do the editing.
Make Penrose Productions your first ask for all your Cupertino videography needs.

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