A video production company specializes in developing and filming a specific production or media broadcast for distribution. The production house has access to producers, directors, cinematographers, as well as post-production and other professionals, who all come together to create high-quality video content for businesses, corporations and other organizations.

With recent advancements in camera and editing technologies, making and uploading reasonably well-made videos to our social media platforms is something we can all do to various degrees. However, when we talk about professional video content for advertising and commercial purposes, the process gets a lot more complicated and expensive in a hurry. Hiring a competent video production company’s services will not just give you access to the latest and greatest in equipment and technology. It will also ensure you have the expertise on-hand to assist in creating your high-quality, commercial video content.

If you’re looking for video production professionals, here’s a list of the top five things to look for when hiring video production expertise.

1. Experience
Video production is a field that is highly competitive and does not allow for excuses. And second chances can become time consuming and expensive. You should compare the experience levels of any video production company you are considering hiring. This healthy competition weeds out the weak and uncommitted, making production houses such as Penrose Productions a rarity with nearly forty years of experience. Choosing the services of an experienced and well-managed production house is a sure way to creating A-grade content that people will respond to positively.

2. Business acumen
Being the art that it is, videography and the entire process of creating high-quality video content can seem very glamorous. While this can sometimes be true, a video production company should have a strong level of business understanding to bridge the gap between the artistry of video production and commercially viable, real-world requirements.

3. Reviews
In a world of Google searches and access to online reviews with just a click, we can hardly rationalize making hasty decisions without doing your research. When talking about video production, this step becomes increasingly essential as creating impactful videos that people want to see can be an expensive endeavor. Choosing a reputable production house with positive reviews and multiple testimonials from happy clients is a sure way to create quality video content and avoid disappointment.

4. Client List
As with reviews and testimonials, when choosing video production services, it is wise to inquire about previous clients the company has created video content for the past. Taking ourselves as an example, Penrose Productions has worked with corporations such as Google, IBM, Apple, and American Airlines. We have also produced videos for small companies as small as 2 to 20 people.

5. Money-back guarantee
A money-back guarantee is something you don’t normally associate with video production companies. That being said, only a company that is truly confident in their ability to deliver customer satisfaction would offer this assurance. Penrose Productions is the only video production company offering a total guarantee on our video production work. We are so confident in our capacity to please, that if you are unsatisfied, you can receive a full refund.

If you’re looking for a video production company in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, reach out to Penrose Productions. We take immense pride in our affordable and quality video production services as well as our customer service. Whether you need commercial/corporate video production, video editing, or video marketing services, we guarantee our work will exceed your expectations. We aim to deliver exceptional results and bring a memorable video production experience to our clients.

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