Video production equipment can make or break your business video production.

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Cisco reports that over 80% of all internet traffic will be video-based by 2021. This makes it increasingly important to analyze your current company video marketing strategy. The barriers to entry for video production wannabees is very low these days. That means there are lots of people running around with cameras that think they have what it takes to make a video.

That means there are lots of people running around with cameras that think they have what it takes to make a video.

With so many video production companies out there claiming to be the best, it can sometimes be hard to sift through what’s good and what’s great.

When it comes to your video marketing strategy, pay special attention to the quality of the equipment the company you choose to work with has. And pay even more attention to how well they use that video production equipment.

The Right Camera and Microphones for Your Needs

The type of camera that a company will use will ultimately depend on your company’s budget as well as the image and audio quality you’re looking for. It’s best to go into any pre-production meeting with examples of cinematic styles you’ve seen and want to replicate. This way the professionals can determine the type of camera needed to achieve that look. Here’s an example: if you need a video that revolves around a lot of quick action shots, the video production company should be using a camera that is highly portable and easy to carry. Whereas a more cinematic look might require a different, higher-end camera.

Lighting is Everything

It’s of the utmost importance that any video production company have the right lighting gear on hand. But it’s actually even more important that they know how to use it effectively. This includes tasks such as:

  • taking advantage of natural lighting
  • framing the subjects correctly
  • ensuring the exposure of the room creates a balanced contrast
  • making sure the natural camera settings are right to reduce any excess noise or overexposure
  • shooting with the correct color temperature of light.

Most viewers get the vast majority of information from a video through the visuals. So if a video production company can’t light your video properly or doesn’t have at least a basic lighting kit they can easily set up to enhance a shot, it should be a definite no-go.

Quality Post-Production Attention
Business Video Production San Francisco

Most of our business videos are edited without the client present. So he or she never even sets eyes on the post-production portion of our video production equipment.

The right editing program, along with proper sound mixing and attention to detail can make or break a video.

A company that utilizes the right equipment and the right people to edit with it will produce superior videos to those from videos edited with lower-quality tools.

It’s therefore important to pay attention to the video editing software, the type of audio equipment and their sound mixing and post-production workflow in general. Great audio is important. In a study that USC conducted, researchers found that the quality of audio in a video actually influences whether people believe what you’re saying or not.

Investing in Quality Video Production Equipment

Because a business video should look and feel very professional, investing in a company that invests in their equipment ensures you’re getting the most out of your marketing budget. This all begins before the story is even being filmed, and when you see the end result you’ll ultimately understand why the right video production equipment was so important in the first place.

This article was originated by Jane Dixon, freelance writer.