Today the Wall Street Journal published an article that reports that they conducted a detailed study, in which it is shown that Google favors YouTube videos in their results above those of other video streaming services.

In the words of Claude Rains as Capt. Louis Renault in the classic movie Casablanca, “I’m shocked, shocked!” Well, not really.

Savvy video marketers around the world long ago realized that Google gives preference in their search engine to videos from their YouTube subsidiary.

Of course, Google denies this.

As mentioned in the article, Lara Levin Head of Search PR at Google says that Google gives no preference to YouTube or any other video streaming platform.

If you buy that, then I have a bridge I want to sell you…

The WSJ article documents extensively that identical videos on different platforms consistently lag YouTube’s version in the Google search results, even when the other versions have considerably more views, likes, comments, etc.

Those of us who work extensively in the video marketing area have known this for years. We have seen how Google consistently favors YouTube, and that is why we focus almost all of our video marketing efforts on the YouTube platform.

Why fight the 800 pound gorilla, just because it doesn’t play fair?

Realistic marketers of all types and media understand that we need to accept current reality and place our money and efforts on things that work. This goes for video marketers as well.

But just because we have known that YouTube is the best place to do video marketing, that doesn’t mean that one simply can go to YouTube, upload his or her video, and wait for the traffic to come in.

There is much more to it than that.

Planning for success in the creation of a high-ranking YouTube video should begin before the video is created. There are certain things that Google is looking for in order to rank high with a video, and many are best addressed at the outset. This pattern continues past the creation and production phase all the way through the placement of the video on YouTube. There is a long list of best practices which we have seen get the best results, including proper titling for the video, the appropriate use of tags, creating a SEO-friendly description, and much more.

We have nearly four decades of business video production experience and more than a decade of YouTube marketing under our belt.

So take it from us. There are just too many hoops to jump through for a novice to get a YouTube video ranked highly in the search engines. This applies even if the video has already been created without best SEO practices being followed before and during its production. No existing video is doomed not to rank in the Google SERPs. It’s just easier when best practices are followed right from the start.

So if you are thinking about a video for your business, or already have one, contact us at Penrose Productions and we can guide you through the process. It’s too important to trust to anyone other than the pros.