Video production depends on a crew with one or more video cameras recording video.

It seems obvious. But is it true? There have been exceptions to this for quite a while. Think of animated videos, or doodle/explainer videos, or even videos edited together from still photos or stock footage. No video crew is required there, of course. But how amazing would it be to have actual HD video recorded without an expensive video crew on-site?

That’s what we offer at Penrose Productions with our latest service.

We can now remotely direct a video shoot at almost any location in the world. And it’s all done through your cell phone. But unlike webinars and webcams, there are with no worries about your internet connection.

Sound intriguing?

Here is how it works: During the recording session, we sit in on the shoot via computer and remotely direct the filming via the web. What about the equipment? Prior to the recording session we will:

1. send you a small tripod for your smartphone to keep the video steady and professional.

2. send you a microphone that you can clip on to your clothes. You do NOT want to have tinny cell phone audio on your company video.

3. have you download an app to your phone, so that we can communicate during the shoot

Then we direct your video remotely.

As we direct, we will be able to assist you with placement of the cell phone camera and microphone so that we get high-quality video and audio. We even have a teleprompter that is built into the app. When you’re all set up, we begin recording. the session. And we record directly to your cell phone, so the quality of the video will not depend on your internet conection, unlike when using a webcam.

All the while we are recording HD video.

The HD footage that is recorded to your cell phone is then uploaded to us automatically for editing It’s as simple as that. So now we can direct your HD video shoot just about anywhere from our offices in Silicon Valley. We even give you the same money-back guarantee that we offer for all our professional business video productions.

Could it get any easier?

Just drop us a note at or give us a call at 650-969-8273. You’ll be glad you did!