Here’s what to wear on camera for a video production…

Women wear wool coat-dresses or dresses with simple necklines, tailored blazers, or jewel-necked sweaters. Solid colored blouses with slacks are also fine, if appropriate. Keep accessories simple and classic.

Men should wear starched, solid, pastel shirts with trim collars and navy blue or charcoal blazers/suit coats. Patterned ties are fine if not too busy. Socks should match slacks.

Broadcast-quality video will record color differently from what your eyes see. Deep to light blue, forest or emerald to light green, purple and yellow are camera-friendly colors. In general, avoid red, black or white. Busy patterns can also be hazardous to the picture!

Fabrics including cotton, heavy silk, and wool work best. Light silks or polyester sometimes rustle and can cause problems for the microphone, especially if it will be hidden out of sight on the person speaking.

Jewelry should be matte (not shiny) and kept to a minimum.

If you have contact lenses and can wear them instead of glasses, that is preferred.

If we’re providing a make-up artist:

Women apply your own mascara. Our makeup artist will do the rest.

Men will receive foundation and powder and a fresh cloth for easy removal.

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